Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{August 20, 2009}   A change has come

Hey everyone – thanks for being patient with me during all of this – I just wanted to let you know that I am alive and doing well. Things are working out and I have decided to start fresh….I have told my husband about my love of writing and blogs and have decided to start a new blog with my new change.

He is aware of this new blog and I want all of you to be aware of it too

Sand Castle Full of Monkeys 

But please, when you go there – make no mention of this blog – he knows I comment on all of your blogs but I have not told him about mommysescape – please do this for me.  Also, no mention of facebook – he does not know about that yet….

I want him to know about this awesome blogosphere and the awesome people in it!!!

Thank you and I hope to see you thee soon….this blog will be open as redirection for a while and then I will delete it – I will use the other blog from now on….

Thanks for everything you guys – here is t new beginnings!!!


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Well, Jen wanted us to be lazy reminiscent this week and decided to have us bring back our favorite post from the past and re-publish it. I think this is cool because some people are just too lazy to go through the archives (I am one of those so I’m not judging)…

I decided to share the one where I nearly made LM have a heart attack – great mom huh?

Originally published November 24, 2008


Yeah, now wouldn’t that have been a better rendition than the traditional “Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Oh My!”

Well, in a nut shell, that was what my Sunday was like.

You see, my wonderful turtle has been having some cosmetic issues with her shell for the past month or so and when I took her to the reptile expertat our local Aquarium/ Reptile place where I bought her, I was told that the peeling of her shell was normal because she will shed that layer of her shell like a snake sheds their skin because she is growing. Just to continue to add calcium to the water and all should be fine.

So I did as I was instructed but of course Hubby didn’t believe me when I told him that all was okay. I reiterated that the expert confirmed to me that all was okay.

Of course on Saturday hubby decided to take matters into his own hands, well actually the turtle in a box in his own hands, and go to see his friend at same store who is also a reptile expert who gave us the tragic news. She is infected!

What?!?! I was assured that she was fine and just growing. Well, apparently what Hubby’s friend said is that she has a really bad fungus growth that is eating away at her shell and she s going to die. She is healthy but she is going to die. Does something sound off with that?

The prognosis looked grim and to make matters worse, she has probably infected her mate as well because his shell is looking a bit on the brown side instead of the nice green and yellow it used to be. Ugh!!! hubby just told me that the best we could do is just throw them in the lake behind my house and let them live their days out there. Um – I don’t think so! I did not spend 50 bucks on turtles just to give up! There had to be something, there had to be a medication, a treatment, something to cure her!!!

(By the way, my current track record with “curing” animals is not so hot, so far it is 0 – 3–>fish)

There is a treatment we found out, known as a Sulfa Dip and we were told by Mr. Expert that we could try it but not to hold out hope because she looked too far along in this infection that it might not work.

I was not going to listen, I bought the treatment and planned on using it Sunday AM.

Well, as the sun rose Sunday morning, I cautiously prepared the Sulfa Dip solution and placed Sister Turtle in her little tub and Brother Turtle in his (don’t ask about the names, I didn’t name them, Princess and Little Man did). Then I began to prepare breakfast.

Little Man loves his pancakes so I began to whip up the batter and all the fixins. As he walked into the kitchen he asked me what I was doing. I told him making him his favorite breakfast and he smiled from ear to ear.

As I made him his coveted flap jacks, I called him over to get his plate and his eyes opened wide. I thought I had done such a fantastic job whipping up these golden round treats but that was not the reason.

He had seen what I was hiding behind me. Yes, the turtles!!!

There they were in their little Tupperware bowls in this solution that looked like chicken broth, just barely bobbing their little heads out of the water. They were strategically placed right next to the stove where I had all the ingredients for breakfast and the meat defrosting for dinner that night.


Me: Nothing, go eat your breakfast.


Me: (Laughing under my breath of course) These are not turtle pancakes silly, I am giving the turtles a bath.

LM: Why are you giving them a bath in the kitchen?

Me: Because it is easier here, go eat your food.

LM: Okay, but promise my turtles are okay.

Me: Of course they are.

He walks away happy with his little pancakes and sits down to watch TV.

He returns his plate as I am finishing placing the turtles back in their tank. He walks into the kitchen and sees the empty bowls and freaks out!


Me: (trying to get a rise out of him) I forgot!! I am sorry!! I accidentally cooked them in your last pancakes.

LM: (you should have seen the look on his face) WHAT?!?!?

Me: I am so sorry – but, how did it taste?


Me: That good huh?

Little Man ran off to tell his daddy I cooked his turtles in his pancakes.

That’ll show him for spilling my shampoo on the bathroom floor causing a nasty bruise on my rear end.

(No turtles were harmed during this episode of Mommy’s Escape 6.0. Little Man was notified shortly thereafter that the turtles were safe and in their tank when he ran into said tank in a rousing game of dodge-ball tag with his father).

{August 5, 2009}   taking time

I am just writing to let you know that I will be away from the blogosphere for a while.

I don’t know how long so I can’t promise anything.

I need to get some things with my life in order and I honestly don’t know where to start.

I wish I had something witty and funny to say and that it was for a good reason but shit happens.

Sometimes you just want to say FUCK IT and let it take its course but I’m at the point where I need to take the reigns on this one and see if I can pull it back in.

My email is always open to you all so you can keep in touch with me that way but as far as blogging goes – I’m on hiatus, a sabbatical, in rehab, whatever excuse you want to use.

There will be one final post that is scheduled to come out on Friday and that is in participation with the Spin Cycle. I can’t leave the Cycle without giving it a go one more time.

Thanks for being there for me all this time and making me laugh and smile and realize that life is life and we have to live it as much as possible and fight for it when the times arise.

I wish you all the best and hopefully you will remember me whenever I return….I will miss you all so much!

Thanks for everything……


Hey crazy people!! It’s that time of the week again – time to let it all hang out and this does not involve tequila!!! (Although it might make it a bit more interesting, maybe next time)

First off I wanted to say thank you to those who commented on my last post about friendship – particularly those comments and well wishes for Stu and his family. One person went as far as to check him out on u-tube and saw first hand what the family was experiencing. Here is the link for you all to see if you have not – YouTube Videos and This One. Please remember to love your children and hold them close every day…….

Now, onto the random…

My husband is driving me insane…what’s new huh?

The water heater is still not working…

I just repaired the internet on the kids’ computer…

they are still fighting….

have you all noticed how many Jennifer’s there are on the blogosphere? WOW!!!

I am hunry right now and craving chocolate…

No!! I am not pregnant!!!

Could you imagine the face my husband would make if I was?

That would be priceless.

I have so much laundry to do.

doing it is not the problem

folding it is

I’m not talking about that folding I’m talking about folding

get your minds out of the gutter people

I smell coffee!!!!

Okay, I’m tired now

my hands hurt from typing

I’ve been on face book too long

Gotta get to work

really don’t want to


You see on Friday I didn’t go in to work because I had to take Angel Eyes to get his UGI digital xray thing done and I also had an interview scheduled for that afternoon (i’ll tell you more on that one once I hear more from them – don’t want to jinx anything).

Well, I get to the hospital to do the stuff for AE and since we were there early I decided to some of his blood work as well – we got that done within seconds of his time to be scheduled for his procedure. Poor little guy was screaming and fighting because he was hungry – this exam requires him not to eat until afterwards.

So I sign him up they say he is the next one – an hour goes by and still nothing so by now he is screaming louder and hitting me. So I get up to go find out what is going on – again I hear “you’re next” so I turn around muffling under my breath words referring to something like you fucking bitch you told me that an hour ago because you don’t care about the fact that I have to sit with a screaming hungry child who does no t know or understand what the hell is going on. you are SO lucky to be sitting behind that desk right now or something like that. Then as I am walking back into the waiting room I am called in that it is his turn!!! YAY!!!!!

So we get into the radiology room and the lady proceeds to mix a drink and explain to me how the procedure will go that first they will have him drink this chalky mixture and then take an image of his stomach and then two hours or three hours at the latest later take another image to see his bowels…..yeah, you read that right – 2 HOURS to 3 HOURS!!! I was not told about this when I registered him and he doctor didn’t explain it to me – ugh!!!

So of course, me being the lady that I am, I went off on the technician with the fact that nobody told me that. That I had another appointment that I had to make – that my son could not wait that long – and that I would have to reschedule…I gave AE his bottle and left.

Well, needless to say I was pissed off!! I hated to see my little guy go through all that hell and not be able to do it. He chugged down his milk like he had not eaten in days. Poor baby.

While I was driving down to my interview – I got a call on my cell from guess who?….the hospital.

The supervisor of the radiology department called because she felt bad about the whole situation and since she knew how upset I was, was willing to reschedule him for Saturday morning. They do not schedule procedures that are not emergencies for Saturdays but she placed me to be first that morning.

HALELUHIAH!!!!! My faith in the hospital was restored once again.

So I took him on Saturday morning – we were there early and were able to sit in the garden for a while while he drew on his magna doodle and he drew this awesome picture…
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(it’s a flower)

When we got upstairs and settled, they prepared the chalky mix of barium for him and added some chocolate syrup. Nobody believed me that he would drink it all with no problems because of how nasty it tastes – clearly they do not know my child. He chugged it down and asked for more! LOL

So he took the first images – it was a struggle to get him still but he was a trooper. We waited the two hours – with a few xrays in between to see how he was coming along. He got the point and stopped fighting by the second xray. He was a pro by the time it was the final digital scan. He was all staring at the monitor watching his bowels while the technician finished.

He was such a pro – I was so proud of him!!!!
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Now we just wait for the results.

I know I am early on this but I wanted to get this in while my creative juices were still flowing. By tonight they might be frozen since my hot water heater busted – good times I swear!! LOL

Well this week Jen at Sprite’s Keeper brought up a topic that just makes me all mushy and gushy!!! Don’t worry, it won’t get on you – well if you squeeze too hard it just might so be careful okay?

What is it you may ask? Well, if you read the header of this post you would know that it is about friendship. Good one Jen!!!

You see, there are different forms of friendships and different types of friends.

Back before I was married, I had so many “friends” that I didn’t know what to do with myself. I wasn’t the popular girl but my school was so small that the grades all mingled together – there was no seperation fo Freshmen, Juniors, etc. We were all one big group. This was AWESOME!!!

But when life came calling – they were not there anymore – real friends huh?

But I found this awesome thing called the internet for support when my kids were diagnosed and found my best friend in the world. She is a mom just like me with kids with special needs. We have never met as she lives in Michigan and I live way down South in Florida. But we talk every week via text, email or phone. Whenever there is something wrong, we run to eachother. This has been going on for over 5 years and I can honestly say that she is more than a friend, she is like a sister.

There are also alot of other great people that I have met on-line. That includes YOU!!! Yes you, you know who you are. (If you don’t, just look at my blog roll – if you’re on there I consider you a dear friend) I know you can wipe the tears up off the floor now, you are soaking the carpet.

Since you all practically knwo eacother, I am going to introduce you all to two of my dearest friends that I met on-line that you guys do not know.

One of them is Stu – if you are on Facebook – you have prolly seen me and him comment back and forth. He is probably the sweetest and awesome guy that you can ever meet. Even though his appearance would make most people run the other way……
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he really is a big teddy bear with a giant heart to share. (Isn’t he cute too?!?! Sorry – he’s taken)

We didn’t meet under the most common of circumstances. It was actually on MySpace and I found him through a mutual friend when I discovered that his grandson had suffered a horrible experience.
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He was shaken and abused by his mothers boyfriend as a baby. I am not going to go into the details of what and how. You can check out his MySpace page here and his FaceBook page here and see the information yourself. All I know is that this man is always the front runner for his grandson, his wife, and his family as a whole. He has even taken Alex’s father in as his own and loves him dearly. Aside from the hard stuff – he is really funny, crazy and knows just what to say whenever I am down. He is just the best person in the world to be around.

The other person I met through Stu – her name is Lori. You all have heard about her when after TD was born, I found out that her nephew who was born just a few days later was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. Luckily now he is doing very well and out of the woods. Image and video hosting by TinyPic

She is a crazy woman with an awesome little guy Trev
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who she fights tooth and nail for as well as children in unfortunate circumstances. She is always by my side and along with Stu – finds crazy ways to make me smile and laugh.

If it weren’t for these awesome people – I would not have been able to see that through such tragedy, there is light, love, and hope. Everyone should have a Stu and a Lori in their lives. If not for friendship and kindness – they would probably make the best drinking buddies ever!!!

I love you Stu & Lori!!!! MUAH!!!!

This is for Braveheart – Stu’s grandson – please remember to love your kids and know that they are as precious as gold!!!
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{July 28, 2009}   So random my brain hurts!


Angel Eyes is scheduled for an XRay on Friday – he can’t eat or drink anything for six hours before the procedure

Luckily the appointment is at 9:30am

Unfortunately he wakes up at 6:00am

Did I mention he screams “MILK!!!” from his room when he does wake up?

And the fact that he will claw fight Sneaky Monkey for his bottle if he drinks his own bottle before Sneaky Monkey finishes his?

Pray for my sanity please?

Told hubs yesterday that he needs to lose some weight

He thought I was saying he looked bad and I was not attracted to him

I told him it was because of his health

He believed me

He is looking to see how much it would cost to get a treadmill

Now I am looking to see where in the hell it would fit in my house

Apparently Baby Boy has thought it would be nice to start taking his diaper off too

He has no bladder control yet

Bolt so totally needs to be snipped

I think the lady at the grocery store thinks I have some sort of OCD

I wonder what the stock boy says when he has to go and refill the spaghetti baby food jars

and ONLY the spaghetti food jars

yeah, Angel Eyes is that picky

Little Man was upset this morning because Princess would not play with him

Hubs told him he can play the Wii

Little Man went up to Princess and gotthisclosetoherface and said “YOU CAN’T PLAY WITH ME YOU MORON”

Good times

There is a sales meeting going on right now

There is disco music blasting through the walls from said sales meeting

This is supposed to encourage agents to go to the meeting

It would send me running the other way

Oh and before I forget – to all who didn’t see on FB yesterday


So do have random thoughts polluting your brain? Do you need to find a way to get them out because you dont’ have one of those floating memory disks like Dumbledore has? Well, give RTT a shot – stop by Keely’s and check more RTT and jump in – you might get some slime on you but I am sure it comes off.


{July 27, 2009}   Trying something

Hey peoples – well, remember earlier last week I had a gripe about the whole job situation? (I so totally wrote jib instead of job, luckily I caught it! Screw you spell check!!)

Instead of moaning about it – I decided to do something that actually means alot to me and I have been wanting to do it for quite some time but fear and worry set in so I didn’t.

I finally took the first step to starting my non-profit and set  up a blog to track the progress of it. Once I have the blog all set up and everything where I want it, I will let you all know.

And the best part – my hubs knows about it (he still doesn’t know about this one but this is my secret, my diary, my journal so we’ll just keep it between us mkay?)

So, I figured – nobody is going to do it for me, I have to do it myself.

Wish me luck!

Okay, so I decided to give this a try.

Dear So and So...


Dear Steve,

Yeah, I know you think that you are bigger than you really are but I don’t think it is smart to bark & growl at Bolt and then run away like a chicken shit when he comes near the door. Honestly, you look like a woos and all talk no action mkay?

Tired of holding Bolt from whacking you one


Dear Princess,

Honey, I know you have your issues but can you tone it down a bit when you freak out at not being able to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube? Remember what mommy told you? Squeeze from the bottom to the top. That’s a good girl, now go have a nervous breakdown because Bolt is chewing on your doll again.

All my love,
Hearing impaired


Dear wordpress,

You know this automatic double spacing thing really sucks. I don’t know how to get rid of it but honestly, blogs are not required t be in APA format okay?!?

The one with Carpel Tunnel


Dear Mail Man/ Lady,

Just wanted to let you know that when I put a piece of mail back in the mail box that says “Return to Sender” it does not mean to leave it there. Honestly, I have enough to deal with my own bills, I don’t need the bills for other people added to my plate.

Not addressee


Dear Boss,

Just because you are far away on the other side of the world does not mean that you can call at 4:58pm and expect me to actually stay on t he phone with you talking about how awesome your trip is and how much fun you are having. Honestly, I have my own life to get to, can you get back to your own? Thanks!

The one wanting to put you on hold until you stop talking


Dear Little Man,

I know you love your stuffed animals – they are super cute!! Especially those giant Whales and Dolphins but I think you need to reclaim your bed. That top bunk is starting to look like a shelf at a toy store.

Love always,
Me wondering how you can sleep with all that junk


Dear Hubs,

One simple thing….


I love you,
Your wife with a nose plug

I gotta say that this actually was cathartic! Thanks Kat!! Now you go at it…join in today’s Dear So and So and then follow up on others – you know you want to….just go do it….now I told you!! now!!! Okay, PLEASE? Good!

{July 23, 2009}   stuck in a rut

Okay, I know I am not the only person in this world going through some sort of a rut but I’m going to vent…because after all – isn’t that what my blog is here for?

I got this job ya know – and it royally sucks.

The only reason why I took it was because we were running low on funds and it was the only thing that came up at the time.

Mind you – it was a $6/hour pay cut – that is $1,032/ month of income that I lost – that amount is alot to a family my size and with all the needs we have.

Right now, there is no way possible that I can keep it. I need to make more money but I’m stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

You see, I have to find another job and go on interviews which means time off from work and that means less money and the possibility that I could lose my job before I even find a new one and then I am up shits creek without a paddle.

If I don’t go out and find another job – we will get into more debt than the one we are already in and are managing very carefully as well as Angel Eyes will be forced to go to a school where they will be calling us every day to pick him up or worse, do things against him.  (You don’t want to know the stories I have heard about that place)

I know we make the choices in our lives and that is what plans our paths for the future….I get that…but why is it that a person such as me (and many others like me) who are educated, prepared, and willing to work hard and sacrifice so much don’t get what they deserve while others who could care less and don’t give a shit are offered multiple jobs and can get the luxury of doing that which is not only great but gives them all the flexibility and still have it all – yet complain because they don’t have enough time for personal things.

I am just tired of seeing the good people get shafted while those who couldn’t give a flying fuck in space get the best out of life.

Something has gotta give soon because I don’t know how longer we can survive like this – not just me and my family – but everyone out there….

et cetera