Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 23, 2009}   stuck in a rut

Okay, I know I am not the only person in this world going through some sort of a rut but I’m going to vent…because after all – isn’t that what my blog is here for?

I got this job ya know – and it royally sucks.

The only reason why I took it was because we were running low on funds and it was the only thing that came up at the time.

Mind you – it was a $6/hour pay cut – that is $1,032/ month of income that I lost – that amount is alot to a family my size and with all the needs we have.

Right now, there is no way possible that I can keep it. I need to make more money but I’m stuck in between a rock and a hard place.

You see, I have to find another job and go on interviews which means time off from work and that means less money and the possibility that I could lose my job before I even find a new one and then I am up shits creek without a paddle.

If I don’t go out and find another job – we will get into more debt than the one we are already in and are managing very carefully as well as Angel Eyes will be forced to go to a school where they will be calling us every day to pick him up or worse, do things against him.  (You don’t want to know the stories I have heard about that place)

I know we make the choices in our lives and that is what plans our paths for the future….I get that…but why is it that a person such as me (and many others like me) who are educated, prepared, and willing to work hard and sacrifice so much don’t get what they deserve while others who could care less and don’t give a shit are offered multiple jobs and can get the luxury of doing that which is not only great but gives them all the flexibility and still have it all – yet complain because they don’t have enough time for personal things.

I am just tired of seeing the good people get shafted while those who couldn’t give a flying fuck in space get the best out of life.

Something has gotta give soon because I don’t know how longer we can survive like this – not just me and my family – but everyone out there….


Khadra says:

Life sucks sometimes, doesnt it 😦
I know of a couple of people right now who have a couple of job offers and seem kind of ungrateful about it (good jobs too). I find it hard to feel sorry for people in that position!!

Good luck. I definitely wouldnt want to send AE to that school.

kirsty815 says:

I am soooo on board with you on this! It’s super hard to get ahead and throw medical bill in there and you’re royally screwed. Hang in there something’s gotta give. I definitely feel your pain.

Casey says:

Yuck, sorry your job situation still stinks. Here’s hoping a great job finds you soon!

oh honey…..fuck this is too hard.

Becky says:

Wow can I just say that your story sounds all too familiar. I got sick of working hard and getting not getting to my goal- which was finding the job that I went to school for, where I could feel satisfied with my profession, while making a sufficient income. One day I stumbled across a great book that has helped me get over this rut… the book is titled, “YOU UNSTUCK: Mastering The New Rules of Risk-Taking in Work & Life,” written by Libby Gill. This book is dedicated to helping people overcome limiting assumptions and undermining behaviors so they can make real and lasting change. I am not yet in my dream job, but found a job that I love and one that meets the needs of my family. I have confidence that I will eventually work my way to my dream job though. Just stay persistent and you will find a job that will be fulfilling and will meet your financial needs. Good luck to you.

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