Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{August 3, 2009}   Funny how things work themselves out

You see on Friday I didn’t go in to work because I had to take Angel Eyes to get his UGI digital xray thing done and I also had an interview scheduled for that afternoon (i’ll tell you more on that one once I hear more from them – don’t want to jinx anything).

Well, I get to the hospital to do the stuff for AE and since we were there early I decided to some of his blood work as well – we got that done within seconds of his time to be scheduled for his procedure. Poor little guy was screaming and fighting because he was hungry – this exam requires him not to eat until afterwards.

So I sign him up they say he is the next one – an hour goes by and still nothing so by now he is screaming louder and hitting me. So I get up to go find out what is going on – again I hear “you’re next” so I turn around muffling under my breath words referring to something like you fucking bitch you told me that an hour ago because you don’t care about the fact that I have to sit with a screaming hungry child who does no t know or understand what the hell is going on. you are SO lucky to be sitting behind that desk right now or something like that. Then as I am walking back into the waiting room I am called in that it is his turn!!! YAY!!!!!

So we get into the radiology room and the lady proceeds to mix a drink and explain to me how the procedure will go that first they will have him drink this chalky mixture and then take an image of his stomach and then two hours or three hours at the latest later take another image to see his bowels…..yeah, you read that right – 2 HOURS to 3 HOURS!!! I was not told about this when I registered him and he doctor didn’t explain it to me – ugh!!!

So of course, me being the lady that I am, I went off on the technician with the fact that nobody told me that. That I had another appointment that I had to make – that my son could not wait that long – and that I would have to reschedule…I gave AE his bottle and left.

Well, needless to say I was pissed off!! I hated to see my little guy go through all that hell and not be able to do it. He chugged down his milk like he had not eaten in days. Poor baby.

While I was driving down to my interview – I got a call on my cell from guess who?….the hospital.

The supervisor of the radiology department called because she felt bad about the whole situation and since she knew how upset I was, was willing to reschedule him for Saturday morning. They do not schedule procedures that are not emergencies for Saturdays but she placed me to be first that morning.

HALELUHIAH!!!!! My faith in the hospital was restored once again.

So I took him on Saturday morning – we were there early and were able to sit in the garden for a while while he drew on his magna doodle and he drew this awesome picture…
Image and video hosting by TinyPic
(it’s a flower)

When we got upstairs and settled, they prepared the chalky mix of barium for him and added some chocolate syrup. Nobody believed me that he would drink it all with no problems because of how nasty it tastes – clearly they do not know my child. He chugged it down and asked for more! LOL

So he took the first images – it was a struggle to get him still but he was a trooper. We waited the two hours – with a few xrays in between to see how he was coming along. He got the point and stopped fighting by the second xray. He was a pro by the time it was the final digital scan. He was all staring at the monitor watching his bowels while the technician finished.

He was such a pro – I was so proud of him!!!!
Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now we just wait for the results.


Ha! AE showed them how it’s done! Hope it all turns out well!

Jenni says:

OF COURSE it’s a flower! Do not doubt AE’s artistic ability.

Let us know when you get the results.

Casey says:

Krystal, he is ADORABLE! I’m so glad they were able to fit you in on Saturday and that AE was such a brave boy for the testing.

Danette says:

What a brave boy… and a great artist! I hope all goes well with the results.

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