Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 28, 2009}   So random my brain hurts!


Angel Eyes is scheduled for an XRay on Friday – he can’t eat or drink anything for six hours before the procedure

Luckily the appointment is at 9:30am

Unfortunately he wakes up at 6:00am

Did I mention he screams “MILK!!!” from his room when he does wake up?

And the fact that he will claw fight Sneaky Monkey for his bottle if he drinks his own bottle before Sneaky Monkey finishes his?

Pray for my sanity please?

Told hubs yesterday that he needs to lose some weight

He thought I was saying he looked bad and I was not attracted to him

I told him it was because of his health

He believed me

He is looking to see how much it would cost to get a treadmill

Now I am looking to see where in the hell it would fit in my house

Apparently Baby Boy has thought it would be nice to start taking his diaper off too

He has no bladder control yet

Bolt so totally needs to be snipped

I think the lady at the grocery store thinks I have some sort of OCD

I wonder what the stock boy says when he has to go and refill the spaghetti baby food jars

and ONLY the spaghetti food jars

yeah, Angel Eyes is that picky

Little Man was upset this morning because Princess would not play with him

Hubs told him he can play the Wii

Little Man went up to Princess and gotthisclosetoherface and said “YOU CAN’T PLAY WITH ME YOU MORON”

Good times

There is a sales meeting going on right now

There is disco music blasting through the walls from said sales meeting

This is supposed to encourage agents to go to the meeting

It would send me running the other way

Oh and before I forget – to all who didn’t see on FB yesterday


So do have random thoughts polluting your brain? Do you need to find a way to get them out because you dont’ have one of those floating memory disks like Dumbledore has? Well, give RTT a shot – stop by Keely’s and check more RTT and jump in – you might get some slime on you but I am sure it comes off.


Sounds like you got your hands full. Our little bean took off her diaper, went into corner and proceed to do her bizness (#2). Then she laughed.

Good times.

Running is good stuff. When I want to lose some LBs that is what I start with.

My littlest guy is a fussy eater too — we clear out our grocery store of chicken nuggets when they go on sale! Hope your son’s appointment goes well. Happy RTT to ya.

Good job, Tiny Dancer!
Loving your randomness this week!

Casey says:

I hate that they make little kids wait so long to have procedures done and make them starve. Graham had that problem when he got his tonsils/tubes done… the surgery was at 2PM and he hadn’t eaten yet that day. Good luck!

Oooh, 3 1/2 hungry hours. Not good. Can he be quarantined so he can’t steal from others?

The diaper thing is an adventure. LG does it, too. We now keep him in at least a onsie so that at least it gives us more time to get to him…

georgie says:

OMGosh what a wonderful RTT-man everyones RTT’s are puttin mine to shame LOL

I hope all goes well and you keep your sanity!

Jenni says:

WTG tiny dancer!!

Keely says:

Yay Tiny Dancer!

We have the same space issue in our house. Hubs can’t use the Wii Fit because it’s in the basement and if he jumps or swings his arms, he hits the ceiling.

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