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{April 24, 2009}   Spin Cycle Fridays: Manners

I am a woman of my word and I promised the Keeper that I would participate in this week’s cycle as I have been out of it for quite some time so here goes…..

There are so many things that can fall under the category of bad manners and I would like to list a few of them for you:

* Picking your nose while driving – if you’re gonna do this, at least get some dark tints so I don’t have to see you doing it!

* Talking with your mouth full – I like sea food but I don’t like to see you chewing your food. You’re not a cow so close your darn mouth!

* Putting the toilet seat down after you use the john – yeah guys I am talking about you!!! Oh and train your sons that they have to life the seat when they go to pee so mommy and sisters don’t wet their rears when trying to go to the bathroom. Thanks!

* Throwing out the garbage when you see that it is full. For heaven’s sake, it is not going to throw itself out.

* This one goes for medical professionals: ACTUALLY ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THAT PARENTS HAVE WITH MORE THAN JUST 2 WORDS (Mrs.Bear you know where I am coming from on this one – again, THANKS!!!)

And of course the usual things that everyone agrees on: say please and thank you; say bless you when someone sneezes; open a door for others and pull out a seat so a lady can sit.

Well, I have minded my manners and kept my promise to Jen so what is your view on manners? Visit the Spin Cycle to see what others think too! And when you get there – remember to mind your manners and wipe your feet. We don’t want Sprite getting any dirt in her mouth now do we?


First off, I need to apologize to the all too awesome Jen at Sprite\’s Keeper for not participating in the tradition of  Spin Cycle Fridays – I will return next week I promise but this post just had to be written today. Forgive me? But yeah Jen, it’s a picture so you will have to come back after work to see it.

You know when you are in the lobby of doctors offices, lawyers offices, and as in our case Condominium Management offices, there is always a convenient garbage pail to throw the tissues or paper cups from the water dispenser away in. Well, as one of the girls in my office was walking through the access door, something shiny caught her eye in the canister and she bent over to look and found this:

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The camera focus is a bit off but I am sure most of you can figure out what this is.

Yeap! It was found in the garbage canister of the lobby of a condominium management office where about 85% of the residents are senior citizens and guess what? the garbage is emptied out every morning before we start work so this happened throughout the course of the morning.

Can I say the freaks have come out at the village or what?

I\’m gonna go now and get back to work but I will be cautious about who walks through the doors of my office from now on. You can never be too careful now huh? I guess that is what this person was thinking of too.

Writer’s note: The canister was removed from the lobby because the owner of the company is coming in today. But I used my feet to scoot the canister – I ain’t touching that thing!

Stupid notification: Do you see the correlation between Condominium on Condom? Yeah, I’m that stupid today. LOL

Happy Friday!

I know I am not the only one who goes through this – that their bed seems to be the magnetic spot of choice for little people to roam to in the middle of the night.

I swear, the other night I was finally in bed at a decent time and enjoying the fact that I could sleep. Not more than 2 hours later I feel cold little feet creeping in – I look over and there was my daughter saying she couldn’t sleep. I let her in, because I was too knocked out to argue. Within fifteen minutes I hear a grumble and moan which meant my husband was getting out of bed and going to the couch. He cannot stand to sleep with anyone in the bed that is not me or more than just me so he moaned on and left. Not 2 more hours pass by that I hear the hacking cough of Little Man as he climbed into bed by my feet. Geeees!!! what is this? the national convention center? Just as you can imagine I was not able to sleep a wink that night.

Then the next day as I was cleaning my room and picking up, you know, making things tidy. In comes Princess with her dog inher arms and asks if she can play on my bed with her dog. WTF? Doesn’t she have a bed of her own? Her response to that obvious question is that he will fall off the bed between the bed and the wall. I reluctantly roll my eyes and allow her to play on my bed.

Two nights later, all is peaceful and quiet until 2am when my husband wakes me up to tell me that Baby Boy is crying. Okay? Why don’t you go and fudging attend him and let me sleep?!?!? Of course, I get  up and tuck him back to bed and slowly creep out of the room. Unfortunately my laminate flooring wanted to play games so CREAK! and he starts crying again. This time he holds my hand to make sure I don’t leave. Do you know how uncomfortable it is to stand crouched over  a bed rail on the bottom bed of a bunk bed set? Not very comfortable – I do not recommend trying it. I knew there was no way that I would get out of there alive and the child would stay sleeping so I carried him to my room. Within seconds he was asleep!!! Ugh!!!You couldn’t tell though because he was turing around in the bed like some synchronized swimmer competing for the gold medal. Fun times!!!

The worst thing is the bathroom – how is it that people know when you are in the bathroom? Is there a light or sensor that beams and sirens to alert the world? It seems like the moment I sit down on the throne, 2 to 3  little people walk in asking for a drink or cookies or chips. HELLO!!!! Don’t you see that I am busy? Can’t you go ask your father who is in the living room?Nope – they think mommy can do everything even from the toilet! Oh and this does not only apply to the toilet – NOOO!!! that would be too simple.

The shower is the best time that I am annoyed  visited. I get the shower door opened for questions like “Can I color?”, “Where is my train?”, or my favorite is Angel Eyes just opening and closing the door because he loves to h ear it slam against the magnetic strip. Oh, but don’t rule out my husband. It seems that he likes to hold his most intelligent and urgent conversations whilst I am showering and washing my hair. And the worst part about it is that HE IS ON THE CRAPPER!!!! that is not my idea of aroma therapy.

{April 10, 2009}   HAPPY EASTER EVERY ONE!!









Vodpod videos no longer available.

I just noticed that the sound is faster than the video! LOL!!! I need to get a better camera (I did this from my digital camera – not a camcorder – still accepting donations on that though!)

{April 7, 2009}   Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Yes, you are two years old today.

I cannot belive it that time has passed and you have grown so big.

You walk around and smile that smile that makes me laugh so hard.

You dance and dance whenever anything with rhythm strikes your ears.

You have come so far with your little steps, something we thought would come much farther down the line.

Now I wait for more sounds from your lips and more laughs from your cudly little frame.

But today is not about me and my wants and hopes for you, it is your birthday – I love you!

{April 6, 2009}   Isn’t it funny?

Look at these pictures and you can what makes me smile every day despite all of the difficulties and hardships they face

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Now aren’t those the cutest little things in the world? Yeah, I know you are partial to your own but you know what – they are all cute!

(Do you think it is time for me to reset the date on my camera? I just noticed it says 2005 instead of 2009! LOL)

Hey all!

I just wanted to let you know that April is AUTISM AWARENESS MONTH!!!

Please pay attention to programming that will be on CNN tonight on Larry King Live.

Also, look on-line and see what autism is – do some research, learn about it.

Ask me questions – the more people that are aware and proactive about learning, the better the awareness and acceptance of children like mine worldwide.

As you have read by my posts, our lives are not easy but they are full of love and happiness. Take the time to learn that we face the same issues as everyone else in the world and all we want is acceptance and kindness.

Please spread the word about Autism Awareness Month – share the facts you learn with others. Together, it is true, we can make a difference!

Writer’s Note:

I know I have been out of your lives for quite some time but right now, I am trying to focus on my family with all of the problems that I am having with Angel Eyes and his feeding issues. But please keep in touch with me via my e-mail You know, just to shoot the shit and update me on what is going on in your crazy lives. I do love you all and miss you all. Hopefully we can get this situation with Angel Eyes and his feeding resolved soon. He is back to pushing his food away and spitting it out – the only thing pretty much maintaining him is the Carnation Instant Breakfast and the milk and yogurt. I’m on the waiting list for the nutritionist and I am waiting for the appointment for blood work – yeap, Insurance, a wonderful thing huh?

Anywhoo – please keep in touch with me – Let me know I am not going crazy!

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