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{May 21, 2009}   1

Whenever people say that life should be all perfect and blissful, you need to check their eyes to make sure that they are not high. Make sure that they are not on some sort of meth or mushrooms that alters their perception and thought. Because to be honest, there is no such thing. Happiness comes at a price of struggle and pain, of sadness and tears, it just does not happen like a miracle out of the sky. It hurts. Happiness hurts.


No matter how beautiful the day became, Terri felt alone. She felt as if the world was closing in on her getting ready to swallow her into the ground.

She could not get that image of what he did to her out of her head.

She could still feel him touching her, whispering in her ear “shhhh”.

He was oblivious to hear tears and her crying. He pushed away her  whimpers and gasps and continued to enter her. She was helpless. She couldn’t scream. She could not say a word. She was frozen.


“Terri! Where are you girl?”

Terri was brought back down to earth as she heard her best friend Marie’s raspy voice calling from the other side of the bathroom stall.

“I’m here! Can’t I take a shit in peace without someone calling in the damn fucking guards?!” Terri shouted back as she zipped up the chocolate stained grey pleated uniform skirt. If there was any part of the uniform that Terri hated it was that one. It made her legs look fat and thick although she was as skinny as a tooth pick.

As she walked out, Marie looked at Terri’s eyes. She knew there was something wrong, she knew she had been crying. Terri has never been good about hiding her feelings, especially not to Marie.

“What?” Terri asked her as she fixed her long curly hair in the mirror. “I hate this weather, it makes my hair frizz and then I get too hot. Do you have a scrunchie?”

Marie looked in her book-bag and handed her a black hair-tie. As Terri reached for it, her hands were shaking and showed signs of eyeliner residue. Terri must have wiped her eyes when she was crying. “Is something wrong? she asked her.

Terri looked at her through the bathroom mirror as she delicately picked her hair up and made it into an intricate pony-tail- knot combination. “Nothing is wrong, why do you ask?” she replied.

“Your eyeliner is smeared. It looks like you have been crying.”

Terri glanced once again in the mirror. The sign of her ordeal is written all over her face. She wanted to scream, she wanted to shout, she wanted to run but she couldn’t. Once again she was silent. She had never kept a secret from Marie; they told eachother everything. But this time it was different. She could not tell her. This was one secret that she was to scared to share, to ashamed to bring to light.

“Nothing is wrong, just my allergies giving me watery eyes. Let’s go Marie. Sister Grace will give us demerits if we are late again and I already have two. I can’t miss practice again for detention, I’ll be cut from the team.” Terri pushed the door to the girl’s bathroom and walked into the crowded hallway of the school. Marie followed closely behind wondering what was bothering her friend. What was she hiding?

The girls quickly entered the classroom before the bell rang. As usual, the room was freezing cold. Some students complained that it was so cold that meat could be hung in there without risk of spoiling. Sister Grace did this so that students could not fall asleep in class, no matter how boring the lecture was.

Today Terri welcomed it. she welcomed the cold air that would force her awake. It would not let her mind wander and drift. She did not want to lose control of her thoughts again. She wanted to stay in that cold room. She never wanted to fall back asleep. She didn’t want to think of that moment, that ordeal. She did not want to think of him. She just wanted to stay there, in the cold, in the meat locker freezing cold, away from reality; away from the truth.


Disney’s attempt at stopping the swine flu

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{May 19, 2009}   As the tassle turns

I cannot believe it. The day is almost here – the day that I have worked so hard for.

That day is June 13th – the day that I will officially walk across the stage at the local arena as a college graduate. A certified member of the educated elite with degrees and a piece of paper to hang up on their wall to display proudly.

What I am going to do with it – that is a whole other story that will commence shortly thereafter.

The thing that has shocked me about this day is the fact of how long it took me to get there. The enrollment counselor cheerfully told me it should take 3 years to complete my degree. HAH!!!

Try 5 years (this is of course between my time offs and breaks at the school). It took me 5 years to complete a 4 year degree! Shocking huh?

But then I sit back and I take a look at all that I have accomplished without the degree and I am even prouder of that than the piece of paper I will be getting. Is that weird or odd?

I am proudest of the things that I do every day and now, at this moment is the time that I realize it.

I know that many of us forget to stop and smellt he roses so to speak, or really watch the clouds blow by. We forget what is really important in life until it is coupled next to something that is “supposed” to be extravagant and we realize, nope, it’s not – life is extravagant.

I say this because I looked at my children today when we picked them up from school. They have so much life and so much beauty in their lives to share with the world. There is untapped potential and strength that they have to offer those who are strong and hard-headed like I was.

I don’t know if I will ever get to see some of my little ones walk across the grand stage and tun their tassle in unison with their college graduating class. I do know that we will work hard to get there or com as close as possible.

Heck, if they do not make it across that stage – that is okay too. At least they have worked hard in their lives and put every effort to improve and get better. I see it every day and I am proud – I am amazed.

These accomplishments are worth more than any piece of paper or degree in the world. There can be countless degrees and certifications and more that can cover the walls of my home – the ones I care about are the ones that I kiss goodnight and hold tight every morning and breathe them in as they walk away into the world.

{May 12, 2009}   Sickie-poo writes to you

Yes, I have been away because I have been sick as a dog. I am getting better and soon hope to get back with enough energy to write.

To all my wonderful readers, all 8 of you, i hope you are all doing well and I will return to stalking you soon.

I miss the sanity that is the blogosphere (did I actually say that?)

XOXOXO byt he tons to you all! I miss you!

Yes! I cannot believe it – there is a new release of an oldie and goodie!!!

Do you know what it is? I bet you don’t!!!!

Just try and guess – go ahead, it is not that hard.

Oh don’t be such a wuss.

Wait stop crying and come back!!! I’ll let you know…


and to make it even more awesome, it is on its own separate blog site!!!! (Click HERE  for the action)

Yeap! No more having to dart between Petra & Captain’spages and trying to be snarky and funny and witty twice on one topic! I can’t believe it!! (You know guys, we all cannot be as creative and talented as the two of yous)

And to make it even more awesome (you didn’t think that was possible did you? I know!) HBSB has it’s own badge!!!! Yeah look:

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Isn’t that the coolest thing you have ever seen?

No? You have seen cooler?

Well, pretend it is okay! I know Petra and/or Captain(covering my bases here people) worked really hard on that badge and are darn skippy proud of it.

So now whenever you have those pondering questions about what a man thinks about something or what a woman thinks about something, you can find the answer at He Blogs She Blogs (yeah, to those of you who don’t know, that is what the aforementioned HBSB means – I know you’re smart, I just wanted to make sure).

Feel free to ask your own questions or leave topics that you would like to see discussed. I can assure you that you will not be disappointed and there will even be guest bloggers too so when you are tired of reading what Petra and Captain got to say (which personally, I find that hard to be possible but you never know) you can read the takes of others on certain topics.

So hurray for the return of  HBSB  now on it’s new site and format!!!!

Go check it out! Tell them Krystal sent ya and you will get some sort of surprise! (Well, that is not entirely true but it’s worth a shot, the worst that could happen would be being banned from visiting  HBSB  ever again, not bad huh?)

{May 5, 2009}   New Picture and Update!!!

Meet the newest member of our family!!!!! This is baby Bella – born on March 1st and adopted on Sunday, May 3rd.

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So I bet you thought you would see cute pictures of the kids huh? Nope, sorry!!! But she is cute isn’t she?

Well, here is the remainder of the update – I am almost done with school – this is my last class before graduation and for some reason, it seems to be the longest one and the one in which I cannot get anything done!

Angel Eyes is doing better with his eating habits – he still won’t eat anything that is not baby food, yogurt, or pudding but at least he is now eating more of the baby food in the sense that the “dinner” part of it must be spaghetti or lasagna. If it is Chicken and vegetables or vegetable beef – forget it! you might as well try carrying mount Everest on your back – you’d have better luck at that than at getting him to eat.

We were supposed to go see the new gastro today because the other one was a quack but he started to run a fever so we nixed that and are awaiting the reschedule. I have so many appointments for this week that I do not heven know what I am going to do with myself.!! Aghghgh!!!!

As far as the other kids are – well, we will just say that they are surviving and lucky to be alive because if I were another mother……well, let’s just say we are a happy and disfunctional family and leave it at that mkay?

I cut my hair and dyed it and did pretty highlights 2 weeks ago – I didn’t get a pic when it was all perty and stuff so just know that I looked like a bombshell with auburn hair and copper highlights mkay? yeah – when I graduate and I get it done again, I am sure that there will be pictures. In the mean time imagine Kate Walsh just a bit darker and copper highlights and you got my hair.

Well, how are you all doing? I am so dying to know what us going on!!!! Please do tell – what? You mean you’re not going to tell me? I have to actually go and read your blogs? Ugh! Whatever!! Fine!!!

I’ll “see” yous all in the blogosphere!!!

et cetera