Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{November 24, 2008}   Turtles, Pancakes, and Gas Oh My!

Yeah, now wouldn’t that have been a better rendition than the traditional “Lions, Tigers, & Bears, Oh My!”

Well, in a nut shell, that was what my Sunday was like.

You see, my wonderful turtle has been having some cosmetic issues with her shell for the past month or so and when I took her to the reptile expertat our local Aquarium/ Reptile place where I bought her, I was told that the peeling of her shell was normal because she will shed that layer of her shell like a snake sheds their skin because she is growing. Just to continue to add calcium to the water and all should be fine.

So I did as I was instructed but of course Hubby didn’t believe me when I told him that all was okay. I reiterated that the expert confirmed to me that all was okay.

Of course on Saturday hubby decided to take matters into his own hands, well actually the turtle in a box in his own hands, and go to see his friend at same store who is also a reptile expert who gave us the tragic news. She is infected!

What?!?! I was assured that she was fine and just growing. Well, apparently what Hubby’s friend said is that she has a really bad fungus growth that is eating away at her shell and she s going to die. She is healthy but she is going to die. Does something sound off with that?

The prognosis looked grim and to make matters worse, she has probably infected her mate as well because his shell is looking a bit on the brown side instead of the nice green and yellow it used to be. Ugh!!! hubby just told me that the best we could do is just throw them in the lake behind my house and let them live their days out there. Um – I don’t think so! I did not spend 50 bucks on turtles just to give up! There had to be something, there had to be a medication, a treatment, something to cure her!!!

(By the way, my current track record with “curing” animals is not so hot, so far it is 0 – 3–>fish)

There is a treatment we found out, known as a Sulfa Dip and we were told by Mr. Expert that we could try it but not to hold out hope because she looked too far along in this infection that it might not work.

I was not going to listen, I bought the treatment and planned on using it Sunday AM.

Well, as the sun rose Sunday morning, I cautiously prepared the Sulfa Dip solution and placed Sister Turtle in her little tub and Brother Turtle in his (don’t ask about the names, I didn’t name them, Princess and Little Man did). Then I began to prepare breakfast.

Little Man loves his pancakes so I began to whip up the batter and all the fixins. As he walked into the kitchen he asked me what I was doing. I told him making him his favorite breakfast and he smiled from ear to ear.

As I made him his coveted flap jacks, I called him over to get his plate and his eyes opened wide. I thought I had done such a fantastic job whipping up these golden round treats but that was not the reason.

He had seen what I was hiding behind me. Yes, the turtles!!!

There they were in their little Tupperware bowls in this solution that looked like chicken broth, just barely bobbing their little heads out of the water. They were strategically placed right next to the stove where I had all the ingredients for breakfast and the meat defrosting for dinner that night.


Me: Nothing, go eat your breakfast.


Me: (Laughing under my breath of course) These are not turtle pancakes silly, I am giving the turtles a bath.

LM: Why are you giving them a bath in the kitchen?

Me: Because it is easier here, go eat your food.

LM: Okay, but promise my turtles are okay.

Me: Of course they are.

He walks away happy with his little pancakes and sits down to watch TV.

He returns his plate as I am finishing placing the turtles back in their tank. He walks into the kitchen and sees the empty bowls and freaks out!


Me: (trying to get a rise out of him) I forgot!! I am sorry!! I accidentally cooked them in your last pancakes.

LM: (you should have seen the look on his face) WHAT?!?!?

Me: I am so sorry – but, how did it taste?


Me: That good huh?

Little Man ran off to tell his daddy I cooked his turtles in his pancakes.

That’ll show him for spilling my shampoo on the bathroom floor causing a nasty bruise on my rear end.

(No turtles were harmed during this episode of Mommy’s Escape 6.0. Little Man was notified shortly thereafter that the turtles were safe and in their tank when he ran into said tank in a rousing game of dodge-ball tag with his father).

Khadra says:

How are the turtles now? I SO would have tossed them into a pond like your husband suggested. Sulfa dip LOL! Good luck. I hope for the kids’ sake it works!

Sammanthia says:

We had a turtle once… notice I said “had”. My track record with pets isn’t that great, either.
Good luck, I hope it works!!!

Oh dear. I love turtles, I hope they’re okay. We all need a turtle update. Turtle was my boy’s nickname when we was just wee.

Aw, my nephew had a turtle they called Charlie. I called it Salmonella. My nephew didn’t get it.

Casey says:

Ha, you’re mean for sayin they were turtle pancakes. That’s something I would have done.

Hope Brother and Sister turtle are ok….

Khadra says:

Sprite’s keeper – Salmonella is what I think too when I see turtles. Of course Im an OCD germaphobe so um, that is to be expected of me LOL!

Krystal says:

Khadra – We will know in 7 days. I have to do the treatment for 3 hours every day for 7 days to see if it worked.

Sammanthia – Thanks. Yeah, we have had many fish in our history. Poor kids don’t know which ones are coming or going. They are just happy if there are 6, you know for the 6 kids.

Jenbo – so far they are okay. They haven’t behaved any different. They still eat and swim and do everything as if there was nothing wrong with them. The problem is the shell but I thik that since they are still acting “normal” I can bet this fungus.

Jen – You are so bad. I so totally get it! Should I be worried? Hmmm…

Casey – Heck! You didn’t see me fall on my ass, that hurt! I’ll update within 7 days on how they are doing.

Heinous says:

LOL…you cooked my turtles. Now I wish my son had turtles…

Should I be saying prayers for the turtles or for Little Man’s emotional trauma, or both??

I guess both, just to be sure, huh?

Good luck with the turtles, you must let us know if they make it!

Ha ha! Hysterical! I love the running off to tell Dad part, too funny.

This is too funny!


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