Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 24, 2009}   Dear So and So….There’s a first time for everything

Okay, so I decided to give this a try.

Dear So and So...


Dear Steve,

Yeah, I know you think that you are bigger than you really are but I don’t think it is smart to bark & growl at Bolt and then run away like a chicken shit when he comes near the door. Honestly, you look like a woos and all talk no action mkay?

Tired of holding Bolt from whacking you one


Dear Princess,

Honey, I know you have your issues but can you tone it down a bit when you freak out at not being able to squeeze the toothpaste out of the tube? Remember what mommy told you? Squeeze from the bottom to the top. That’s a good girl, now go have a nervous breakdown because Bolt is chewing on your doll again.

All my love,
Hearing impaired


Dear wordpress,

You know this automatic double spacing thing really sucks. I don’t know how to get rid of it but honestly, blogs are not required t be in APA format okay?!?

The one with Carpel Tunnel


Dear Mail Man/ Lady,

Just wanted to let you know that when I put a piece of mail back in the mail box that says “Return to Sender” it does not mean to leave it there. Honestly, I have enough to deal with my own bills, I don’t need the bills for other people added to my plate.

Not addressee


Dear Boss,

Just because you are far away on the other side of the world does not mean that you can call at 4:58pm and expect me to actually stay on t he phone with you talking about how awesome your trip is and how much fun you are having. Honestly, I have my own life to get to, can you get back to your own? Thanks!

The one wanting to put you on hold until you stop talking


Dear Little Man,

I know you love your stuffed animals – they are super cute!! Especially those giant Whales and Dolphins but I think you need to reclaim your bed. That top bunk is starting to look like a shelf at a toy store.

Love always,
Me wondering how you can sleep with all that junk


Dear Hubs,

One simple thing….


I love you,
Your wife with a nose plug

I gotta say that this actually was cathartic! Thanks Kat!! Now you go at it…join in today’s Dear So and So and then follow up on others – you know you want to….just go do it….now I told you!! now!!! Okay, PLEASE? Good!


Kat says:

I could write that last letter to my dear darling sweet five year old gorgeous little smelly girl.

Cammie says:

do we share a daughter?
popping by from Kats to read!

claire p says:

Love it! Might give it a go, can I swear?

I had your hubby’s issue, but I have since corrected it.

Seriously! What is UP with the men and the damn toilet! Holy mother of a crapper!

I have the same issue with the mailman, but it’s really hard to blame him. Some brain-child decided to give the streets in my neighborhood different names, but use the same address numbers over and over again. My house number s 4435, but so is the guy’s around the corner, and the guy two streets over . . .

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Blogger is not much better for its little annoying issues that can come close to driving you insane when all you want to do is write the damn post….

Sorry, I had a moment.

Casey says:

That did seem nice to get all of that off of your chest. I can’t do this meme since mine would be about two miles long.

Danette says:

Love it!! Also hearing-impaired from loud freak-outs here 😉

Jen says:

I had make a new rule at my house for stuffed animals in the bed. We have a 5 animal limit in our house. Otherwise, it just gets totally out of control.

Keely says:

I should have a similar letter to my son…”You losing your Pooh bear does not require a full-blown temper tantrum, particularly when I saw you throw him down the stairs”.

It IS cathartic, isn’t it??

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