Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 20, 2009}   So how was your weekend?

Well, this was an interesting weekend!!!

If you count my bed nearly breaking and my potted palm in the front of the house falling over with the wonderful storms that we had interesting than yeah it was interesting!!!

You see, there were these nasty storms going on that it seemed like at any minute I would be seeing a little girl and her dog in red slippers flying by my window. Honestly it was that scary windy out there!! It also didn’t help that my mother in law – who lives let’s say – 2 blocks away – kept calling every 5 minutes asking how bad was the weather at our house and that the trees at her house were coming out of the ground.


Come on – she lives literally 2 minutes away!!! If she wanted to know how bad the weather at my house was she could just, ummmm, look out her window? LOL!!!! I can’t get mad at her though because she took Princess off of our hands on Sunday and that gave us a calming day with Little Man.

Have you ever noticed that when one child is out of the picture for the day with a grandparent, friend, etc. the others behave like Little Angels? There are no refunds on the ones causing the havoc huh? No? Thought so….ugh!!!! (Seriously – Little Man was so well behaved that I thought he was possessed by a good little child and my terror was buried under the house or something)

Sorry about that tangent – but yeah, the weather sucked, but that is what you get for living in the sunshine state right?

As far as my bed, well, let’s just say that we weren’t  folding clothes on the bed and all of a sudden we hear THUMP! and feel the bed drop about 2 inches. We didn’t stop folding clothes of course because that would just have been way too silly but when we were done folding, we were all, WTF happened to the bed?!?!

Mind you this is our 2nd bed that has broken – we had one about 8 years ago and that one broke while I was laying in it with Princess who was all of 7 days old then. We got rid of that one after a certain furniture company said that there was nothing they could do about it and it was still under warranty – yeah, I didn’t pay that bill. So finally last year we decided to buy a new bed – since sleeping on a box spring and mattress on the floor was not so ergonomically reasonable.

We went all romantic and got a modern four post bed with rails and all…you know the kind that you can hang white fabric from and be all tropical-island-getaway-like? Yeah – we even got these pretty applique’s to go on the wall that say “ALWAYS KISS ME GOODNIGHT” the best!!!

But with the THUMP and all, we were contemplating a new bed or our old arrangement of mattress and boxspring on the floor motif…that is safer than risking another THUMP or possibly CRASH when folding. right? Yeah, that is what the smart people say…..but we risked it anyway and heard a new THUMP when folding again….when are we going to learn?

Oh, and add onto it the fact that I had to give Steve a bath which is not easy because that little yapping rat is super slippery….I can say it was a very eventless weekend.

Lets see how next weekend goes – we are scheduled to paint Princess/ Little Man/ & Baby Boy’s room….this oughta be fun!!!


Khadra says:

painting with little kids is an adventure that um


Good luck lol!!!

Sorry about your bed. We have broken a couple ourselves.
(this has nothing to do with my sore hip 😉 )

Hm, I’d say less folding and more dry cleaning, but what’s the fun in that?

Casey says:

OMG, folding your laundry huh? I’m not allowed to fold for at least two months, doctor’s orders. Having one less kid for the weekend is always nice, I agree.

So, “folding” is like…code for something, right?

We used to have one of those four poster beds. My kids used them as monkey bars and promptly broke them. So much for the romantic-tropical-get-away-mood…

Seriously, you guys must have some wild “folding” sessions.

Also, my mother-in-law lives on our same block. She’s always calling the house in poor weather to make sure we’re home and safe.

What have you been DOING on this bed??? Ha! “Folding clothes,” is that what the kids call it nowadays?

[…] not talking about that folding I’m talking about […]

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