Mommy’s Escape 6.0

I think it was about time that I took off the automatic WordPress text and write something that is actually about me – so here goes.

I am a young mom with 6 kids. Yes, 6 kids. I will pause while you pick your jaw up off of the floor.

You better?

Okay, well, like I said, I have 6 kids; 2 girls and 4 boys.

My children are as follows:

Princess – The oldest; she has PDD-NOS but is the smartest and sweetest little girl you could ever meet. She will do anything for anyone just to mkae them happy. She will be your nearest and dearest friend and always want to spend her time with you. She makes the silliest jokes and draws beautiful masterpieces that adorn my walls and refrigerator. She is my best friend.

Little Man –  He is my oldest son. He has autism. Along with his autism he has a horrible temper that is overshadowed by his love and contagious smile. He is high-functioning and therefor doesn’t appear to be autistic to the naked eye. his affinity for all things dinosaurs and animals give him a personality all his own and allow him to explore and build an imagination surpassing what doctors have said before.

Angel Eyes – He too has autism. He is a ray of sunshine on a cloudy day. His smile and his laugh are the most wonderful things on this earth. At almost 5 years old, he still can’t communicate much but he will let us know when he wants milk or pudding or baby food. He will sing for as long as there is light in the day. Although he is in his own world and not much a part of ours, he brings much joy to my life and I wouldn’t change him for the world.

Sneaky Monkey is my most precious child. Even with his autism, he has found ways to connect with those around him. He talks in short phrases and repeats everything he hears!!! His favorite routine is the infomercial routine “Only $19.99!!”. He has difficulty with changes and stims alot but when he shines that smile or giggles – all the hard times fade away. He has recently started to say I love you and I seem to think he understands and means it. Little steps, little steps is what we strive for.

Baby Boy is my youngest son. He has had a few more issues than his brothers. Along with his autism, he  also has severe low muscle tone. He couldn’t crawl or walk until 20 months old and even when he walks, there are still some coordination and difficulties. Even though he has the hardships, he is always smiling and always laughing. When you see him bunny hopping on his bed you just can’t help to laugh along with him. He is a light in my life that I never want to go out.

Tiny Dancer, my precious youngest child. She is too young to tell what her life will hold. I do know that she is happy because she smiles all the time and coos when she hears the voices of her family.

Of course, my life couldn’t be complete with-out my husband. He is a strong man with a great big heart although he does not express it very often. He supports all of us and encourages the whole family to do their best. He doesn’t restrict our children because of their disabilities, he pushes them to do better because he knows they can and they do. He is my savior and my hero, the light of my days and the warmth of my nights. I cannot imagine my life without him nor do I ever want to face that day, whenever it comes.

Me, I’m just a mom, a student, a hard working professional, a friend. I love to read and sing with my kids. I love to write and express myself. I love to have fun and enjoy life. After all, it is the only one we are given right?


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