Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 22, 2009}   Crack open a window would ya?

Well remember when I was hearing sounds in my house and it turned out to be the  Captain  trying to teleport but got trapped in the walls? I thought he was at it again but instead sent over his garbage because when I woke up it just smelled awful in my kitchen!

I mean it smelled humid, rancid, just all around yuck!

Usually I prefer the smell of coffee ya know?

Well any who – I found out that there was no mysterious garbage from Canada in my kitchen – it was my refrigerator. I was all WTF?!?

So I opened the door and noticed that it was not cooling properly. Yeap – a down refrigerator!  The worst that could happen to a family of children that live on milk and milk products…

I touched the gallons of milk first and those were still cold. (I smelled them just to be safe)

But I had no idea where the smell was coming from until I bent down to the next shelf and there it was – last night’s dinner left overs – fried fish and home made potato salad. BLECH!!! That stunk so bad.

It still did not answer for the not-perfectly-cold-to-keep-everything-from-spoiling temperature in the fridge so I did the next smart thing and looked in the freezer.

There it was – that thing that was causing the refrigerator not to cool and make my kitchen smell like an abandoned fish market in the middle of a Florida summer.


Yeap! Ice and frost covered the entire back wall of the freezer.

I had a mind to go all Sharon Stone Basic Instinct on it’s not-freezing ass but I couldn’t. I had children screaming and crying and whining “Mommy!! Mommy!!” and a dog barking “I need to pee! I need to poop!! Get me outta here” (I know – this is one smart Lab, he can really talk!!)

So I did the next thing…..

I woke up my husband.

Boy was he happy to get outta bed.

So I presented him the options:

1) Handle the frozen freezer and attempt to defrost it before the milk spoils and the yogurt goes bad (if the yogurt and pudding go bad in my home – let’s just say that the zombies of Resident Evil are much tamer than Angel Eyes)

2) Handle the kids & the dogs in their morning routine

Guess which one he chose……


Option #1 – such a chicken shit I swear!!!


Well I let him at it to try and unfreeze the freezer so I prepared the bottles, got the diapers, you know the drill.

Popped a bottle in Baby Boys’, Angel Eye’s, and Sneaky Monkey’s mouths and proceeded to the dog…..

yeah, that was another mess on it’s own

I guess mommy didn’t hear him well enough barking “I need to pee!!” and he did it in his crate – poor puppy I know right?

How about poor mommy who had to get on her hands and knees to clean out the crate, wash out all the chew toys all while holding the monster dog in an attempt to stop him from chewing on the stuffed animals that Princess has strategically placed on the floor at doggy-mouth reach.

As I walked passed my husband to throw out the Lysol wipes and walk the dog outside – I looked at him and smiled….

Ahhh, what a glorious morning eh?

Just so you know, the freezer was cleared out and defrosted with a handy Conair blowdryer and now we are just making sure the door stays shut so it starts to cool correctly again – keep your fingers crossed that this resolves the problem or else you will not see me around anymore because the zombies monsters evil things children and husband will have attacked me upon my return home.


pixiemama says:

OMG. The never-ending cycle of stress. Hope your freezer heals, and if not, one that’s big, shiny and perfect magically appears in its place.

Casey says:

That’s the worst smell ever. We had our freezer pull that stunt once when we first moved in so we bought the extended warranty on the stupid thing and it never broke again.

Ditto to what Casey said. LOL.

And did you learn your lesson? NEVER give the husband options! You just TELL HIM what he should do!!!!

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