Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 21, 2009}   Just Random I say! Random!!

It is Tuesday yet again and I am going to spout off what is running circles in my head today and see if maybe it can clear me out – there is too much going on up there. I swear, it is so busy up there that you could possibly hold the next Olympics because of all the track and field events, and swimming, and basketball my thoughts are doing.  Seriously, here…take a look…


* Why is it that when I tell LM to change his clothes he runs to his room and comes out wearing a new shirt and shorts definitely but they are his 4 year old brothers clothes? Does he not get it that if it takes him a while to fit his big ol head through the neck that the clothes is a bit snug?

* Why is it that when you are angry at your husband for doing something, he finds a way to be kind to you and you forget what it is that got you so angry?

*And then the next morning when things are going well he finds a way to mess it all up again?

*How is it possible for my children to walk all day on their tip-toes and yet it kills me to wear heels for just a few hours?

* How long do you think it would take for Sneaky Monkey to realize that screaming “Mommy! Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” repeatedly does not give me enough time to say “what?”

* Honestly, who came up with the cartoons like El Tigre or Ms. Beeor any other rendition of moronic intellect and think that it is healthy for children to watch?

* When does school start again?

* When will it be possible to actually sit down and finish reading The Secret? I mean I need to know how this law of attraction works already…mama needs some change to happen!

* Why is it that when we are the most tired and exhausted is the time that the kids want to play, scream, and just gobble up all of your attention?

* How is it possible that Angel Eyes does not get cold when he constantly takes his shirt off in a house that is 73 degrees? I mean I need a blanket when it is 75 degrees in the living room!!

* How can a baby smile so cutely that it can melt your heart and just want you to hold her all day and forget about all the worries and the stresses and the problems on your plate?

* How can Baby Boy be growing up so fast that just yesterday he started to say “spoo” (spoon) when he helped me unload the dishwasher and the ran away with it – awed at how shiny it was.

* How can a dishwasher get the dishes so clean with just a few squirts of hot water and me with all my scrubbing and grinding can’t get them half as clean?

* Was watching Cathouse lastnight on HBO – yeah, I watch that, so what – and all I could wonder was how the hell can they walk in those heels? (see reference above to my problem with heels)

* How long will it take for me to realize that there is no such thing as meditation in my house? Everytime I try to open the door to my Secret Garden a child or husband walks in asking for my assistance.

Well, I won’t bore you any longer with the insanity that is my brain and my thoughts. Go and check out others who are participating in Random Tuesday Thoughts – check it out here at Keely’s Blog!!


I love your randomness
I think the secret of “The Secret” is actually finishing it. I haven’t and I’ve had the book for over a year!

Whew. You need a Mommy Time Out. It’s where you get to sit by yourself and think about what you’ve done (oh, yeah, that’s meditating to adults). I had to put myself into timeout last week (I yelled at the cat- and was mean to her). PB laughed, but LG took it very seriously. I’m telling you,it works!

Heels and ties should be outlawed. Nothing that makes people that uncomfortable should be a fashion necessity. Ever.

Laufa says:

You need to come over my house for a bit, it is a too lonely here. You have a Secret Garden? I want one!! All hubby’s are like that (I think).

Your randomness is awesome. I read the Secret more than a year ago and so far, it’s just not working. WHAT UP, Secret? WHAT UP?
The “secret” to heels, BTW, is buying good shoes and just getting used to them. I wear them almost all the time and yes, sometimes my feet hurt, but being pretty is often painful. Sad, but true.

When does school start up again?

Casey says:

Hah, school can’t start fast enough, eh? Here too….

Keely says:

I often grab shiny things and run away with them, too.

You (and several others) need to remember to link up on Tuesdays! Because otherwise I don’t notice you’ve played until 5 days later when I finally get around to reading whats in my reader. And then I feel like an ass. You don’t want me to feel like an ass do you??

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