Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 14, 2009}   Ladies and Gentlemen…she can be random too!



Okay dudes  and dudettes – I am back at this for a long time since posting random thoughts for a while now….

* My dog is a chicken shit… he will cower from anybody that comes near him but yet will bark at the shadows when I walk him at night. I swear! Steve is a better guard dog than my Lab.

* I purchased “the Secret” to see if it helps me get a better outlook on life and make the Law of Attraction work for me. Maybe it can get the law of attraction to get me to pick it up because I left it in the shelf in my room.

* My hubs spoiled me rotten on his birthday. He got me clothes and jewelry. Needless to say I didn’t need to use the saran wrap as his present. It would have looked better than my Jesse James is a Dead Man tee that I wore to bed though.

* One of the items that he bought me is this really cute glass ring. I have a question though – if I shake someones hand firmly – is it possible for it to break? Now that would be messy wouldn’t it?

* I bought Tiny Dancer a Raggedy Anne doll. When I handed it to her she SQUEEEEED with delight then proceeded to stick the dolls head in her mouth. The look on her face when she tasted that yarn, PRICELESS!

* My hubs bought the kids a percussion band kit fully loaded with maracas, tambourines, cymbals, rubbing sticks (un guiro in spanish).

* He is regretting it right now.

* The dog is wishing he never bought the damn toy either

* I think I damaged my foot on Saturday.

* How did I do that?

* We bought a new desk for the kids’s computer. I went to be all strong and all and attempted to move the box so I can start building it and dropped it on my right foot. It is now black and blue and hurts like hell.

* This is not how I think I damaged it

* I think I made it worse by wearing 5″ wedge heels yesterday out to dinner with my hubs for his birthday

* I also walked one if not the largest mall in south Florida in said heels

* I looked cute so I didn’t think anything of it

* Now I am thinking of it – every time I take a step and wince in pain

Now go and check out Keely and all the other random posters. You will get a kick out of it – trust me!


Jenni says:

oh my god, a percussion kit? with you six children? wasn’t your house loud enough? this can only lead to trouble. OR it could lead to them forming an awesome band and making millions of dollars and supporting you and your hubs in a life of excess…

As long as you’re not getting a kick out of it. Watch the right foot! Ow!

Casey says:

That percussion does sound like a mistake… we’ve purchased a few too many musical instruments here so I feel your pain. I hope your poor feet feel better soon.

I didn’t think I would, but I actually enjoyed ‘The Secret’ when I read it.

colepack says:

percussion kit…… oh, i have a headache thinking about it.

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