Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{July 10, 2009}   Thank God it is Friday!!!

All I have to say is that it has been one hell of a week.

Don’t get me wrong, I am glad that I have a job but getting back into the swing of things after about a month off is not easy.

Now though, instead of the alarm waking me up at 6:00am, it is our Labrador Bolt. (Did I tell you all that we did actually get the Lab? Yeah we got him 1 week before we had to surrender Bella and to tell you the truth, he is the only person in the house that listens to me! More on that later.) So yeah, no more sleeping in because the whines and whimpers of an onyx black 14 week old Lab wakes me up so he can go do his business.

This of course is followed by makeing bottles and changing diapers while my hubs takes a shower to wake up. That man cannot wake up without a shower. If he does, he is useless for the rest of the day. Anywho – the mornings are crazy as usual and the kids are more bored now than they have ever been. The rain sucks, the moquitos REALLY suck, and the fact that I am working again – they hate it!

Well, as the week has gone by it has been questions of does Little Man have an appendicitis (as my earlier post reports). The munchkin was screaming in pain for 4 days straight with low-grade fevers. I took him to the pediatrician – she felt his tummy – he giggled – picture perfect moment. But could you really capture a giggle in a picture? I think that would most likely be a camcorder moment right?….oh yeah, where was I?…..Oh….she felt his tummy and he was just clogged up. So we return home and a few hours and some Karo corn syrup later he was no longer clogged and we were fighting to contain it! LOL Sounds gross but when you live my life, poop is a highlight sometimes. Oh the other question was if Princess fractured her hand? Nope…Thank God!!! But the girl milked the bump pain for all it is worth. Sneaky Monkey kept kissing her hand and Baby Boy kept saying “Okay?” when he saw her wince in pain. I swear, these kids are either going to biuld me up or destroy me or heck, maybe even both! LOL

ooohooohh before I forget!!!…I wanted to let y’all know that Angel Eyes got accepted into the private school!!! It is one for kids with special needs and the whole school only has get it ……about 10 kids!!!! And the student teacher ratio is 1:1!!! This is going to be awesome, now if only I can figure out how to pay for it! I have a scholarship for about 3/4 of the $17,000 annual tuition – now the rest….hmmm….and Captain, no more Weeds references. I need to do this the right way because I actually have to volunteer at school social events. (Isn’t it funny how they say volunteer but actually it is mandatory? Just like the Catholic Church and stipends….they are “fixed” amount donations….um, if it is a fixed amount it is not a “donation” it is a fee!!…Okay another tangent, I’ll try and stop now)

My boss is now in Israel and I am left to fend for myself and the insanity of the real estate marketplace in South Florida. You should see how insane this is. Houses that were once in the millions are now in the hundred-thousands. It is insane!!! Oh and the Associations are worse than ever. I had a file that was scheduled to close today – guess what – the association denied it – the dude was paying cash!!!! They denied it because he did not have a job since he was relocating to Florida. Get this though – he was paying 6 months worth of dues in advance and was paying the rest upon moving in so he would be paid for a year!!! The dude had the money but whatever… and I found out this is the 2nd applicant the association denied for that unit being sold. You would think that the Associations need the money from the dues and the banks aren’t really paying them on foreclosed properties – the best thing would be to allow people to actually buy it! Ugh!!!

And don’t get me started on the association where I live. Yeah, I live in a Condo Association – the window in Little Man/ Princess/ Baby Boy/ Bolt’s room has been leaking due to a crack on the outside of the  house. We have reported this since Little Man was a baby when my MIL bought the place. Little man is 6 y ears old now and this week was when they repaired it. When I moved the bunk bed so they can access it – I saw how bad the damage had got – the wall was falling apart and the NEW laminate flooring we put it (remember, I am not a glutton for punishment in knowing that there was a leak in the wall/ window and put laminate anyway – Little Man has allergies to dust and the carpet was not helping out at all) the laminate was damaged. Now I am fighting with the damn association to replace the damaged laminate because it is their damn fault for not taking care of the matter 6 years ago!!!!! Their answer? We don’t have the money – we only have the money to manage the lawn and the club house. HUH?!?!? We pay over $400/ month and there is no money?!?!?! Oh wait….I forgot….the previous management company swindled the money and now the new management company does not know how to create a budget and there are no reserves so yeah, guess what the necessary repairs are going to mean? A special assessment on top of the $400+ we pay monthly and that won;t be for another year!!!! Needless to say, we are not happy about this and neither is my MIL. I wonder how fast they will act when they get the letter from her attorney? Hmmm…

Oh and to top it all off, Monday is my hubs birthday. The big 30!!! He still denies it and says he is 29. I swear – he is such a baby. I have no problem with my age. Probably because it will be another 4 years before I hit the big 30 – but I actually look forward to it. Now the question is what do I get him? I mean the guy is so hard to shop for because he is so casual about everything that nothing surprises him or wows him….KWIM? I was thinking midget stripper but that wouldn’t be a good surprise when he is home with the kids. Maybe when he is working for his 40th b-day? I dunno maybe I will just wrap myself in colored saran wrap and call it a day…

Gotta go now but I will leave you with this cute commercial I just saw today…..

Are these babies cute or freaky? You be the judges….HAVE A GREAT WEEKEND!!!!!


Oy, girl, you’ve got so much going on! I’m wishing you some peaceful moments!

WOW! You’ve been busy!
Congrats on Angel Eyes being accepted! That is AWESOME!
I’ve missed you! Glad to see you’re back!
Okay, I think I’ve used up all of my exclamation points for today.;)

Lori says:

Yep your plate is full! Wow! I can relate to the madness of it all. I think wrapping yourself in colored siran wrap is a lovely present for your husbands birthday gift…I think you would be his most favorite present!

Danette says:

Glad to see you back :). Congrats on the job and on Angel Eyes’ school! You’ve got a lot going on, hope you’re able to relax and catch your breath soon :).

Sounds like life is crazy for you just like for me, but even more so! hang in there, and keep on keepin on mama!

Claire p says:

I don’t know how you do everything yo do??? And you’re only 26!! Wow how have you fitted it all in?

Did I see you on Facebook by the way? I thought I did, then couldn’t find you again? Might just be me, new to it. I wish my stupid system would let me follow your blog, I alway miss so much!!!

Thanks for the support. It is v exciting.

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