Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{June 23, 2009}   Dogs, Dogs, and More Dogs!!

Well, you all know that we have Steve the Wonder Pup (Princess’s Chihuahua) and Bella the monster pooch (My English Bull Dog) but now there is a possible addition. You see, Little Man wants his own pet – his own responsibility and of course, Daddy is more than willing to oblige – but at whose expense?

One of the dogs will most likely be going.

Yeap, that’s right.

You see, Steve is not so much of a wonder pup because he is still not wanting to eat. I have given him a buffet that could send your typical pooch into a binge eating frenzy. I mean we have done everything that could possibly be imagined to get that animal to eat but still nothing. So for now the vet is running a stool sample culture to see if he has any parasites causing the dwindle in appetite loss.

As far as Bella goes – she is a chewing biting machine! We got a trainer with a lifetime warranty on the training and so far she is still using my arm as a chew toy. We cannot even have the kids out to play with her because she will jump up on them and bite them. We are having the trainer back out here to try new methods.

With all honesty, these 2 things can be remedied and worked on so do I believe that there will be onw less dog in the house? NOPE!!! Do I believe that there will be a new dog in the house? YES!!!!

Do I believe that Little Man will be the one responsible for the animal? SORT-OF

Now I really need to find a job because I am going to need to stock up on the chocolate and pain killers because I know the headaches will be all my own!!!


I’m shaking my head in awe right now. If John wanted another dog, I would seriously consider LEAVING. And I want to add another kid? The two canines and 1 kiddie I have are tearing my house apart!

When my kids want a dog I send them next door.

I laughed at Captain Dumbass’ comment. That’s my philosophy exactly!!!

We have two and I couldn’t consider adding a third without checking my sanity at the door. Good luck! At least you’ll still be doing better than my mother-in-law 5 dogs, 11 cats, and not a single hairless inch in the house. 😉

corndoggirl says:

Yes, my son is autistic, my husband is crazy, and my dogs are running a close second/third. I can’t imagine having one more responsibility…but hey, some people can handle more than me. 🙂

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