Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{June 20, 2009}   2

One Year Ago Today

There was something about Anthony that called to her. He made her feel things that she never thought possible. Was it love? Was it lust? Whatever it was, Terri tasted it and wanted more.

Because of him she was doing something she never thought she would. Her status of the good girl next door who did nothing wrong was creeping away from her just as slowly as she crept away from her home. But it was him who made it possible. It was him who saw how much she wanted to be with Anthony and let her out the door. He made sure that she was free from getting caught and that her mother did not notice she was leaving the house way past her bedtime.

As she heard the rumble of Anthony’s car roll closer to her, she looked back at her house and saw him standing there, like a watchful wolf making sure she left. ‘

“I can’t believe he would let you sneak out! He is still standing there making sure I picked you up. Now that is a cool step-dad.” Anthony told her as he leaned in to give her a welcoming kiss.

“Yeah, I guess.”  Terri replied as she closed the door to his car. Shutting that door felt like shutting out the world that she did not want to realize was true. She had her suspicions and thoughts about him but no proof. All she knew was that he was too accommodating to her wants, even if they went against the rules of her mom.

Terri just wanted to get away, to escape from it all, not to be Terri anymore – to be someone else, somewhere else. Anthony was her escape from reality, if only for that one night, if only for now.

In a few hours, reality will set in and she will have to be Terri again and be part of that life and that world. But for now, she will be in the safety of Anthony’s arms and away from what haunts her.

She looked back one more time to see if it was real, if it was all happening and he was gone. He escaped into the darkness of the shadows of the house.

“What’s wrong babe?” Anthony asked.

“Nothing, babe, nothing. Let’s just go.” Terri took his arm off the arm rest and held tight to his hand. Already she wished the night wouldn’t end, that she no longer had to feel that worry again. She would have to settle for tonight, for now.


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