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{May 20, 2009}   Wordless Wednesday: Poor Piglet

Disney’s attempt at stopping the swine flu

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I saw a cartoon with something similar the other day. I can’t exactly remember it, but it showed Piglet and Pooh walking. It said something like, Piglet is enjoying quality time with his friend. Then it had Pooh saying, if the pig sneezes, he’s dead! LOL.

Ha! Now that is funny.

Danette says:

ROFL, that is hilarious :).

Cuddlebug has a bit of a cough (allergies we think) but he’s convinced he has “swine flu” because he keeps seeing it on tv, so he’s going around saying things like, “my swine flu is getting better… I got swine flu from a girl at my school” (apparently there’s a girl at school who also has a cough). I keep trying to convince him he doesn’t have swine flu but he’s not hearing it…

Allinole says:

Thank you for the laugh. I love it.

Heather says:

LOL!!! Now….THAT’S funny!!!

Claire p says:

Love it!!!!!!!!!!!1

corndoggirl says:


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