Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{May 12, 2009}   Sickie-poo writes to you

Yes, I have been away because I have been sick as a dog. I am getting better and soon hope to get back with enough energy to write.

To all my wonderful readers, all 8 of you, i hope you are all doing well and I will return to stalking you soon.

I miss the sanity that is the blogosphere (did I actually say that?)

XOXOXO byt he tons to you all! I miss you!


Casey says:

You were only back for like two seconds so it doesn’t count! Feel better soon!

You’ve always got something going on, don’t you? Feel better. Hope the kids have been immune to the plague, nothing worse than caring for the sick when you’re sick yourself. 😦

Lori says:

Being sick is surely no fun. Being sick when your a mother is even less fun. Sorry to hear that you have been sick…hope you feel better soon!

Hey, feel better soon. Being sick sucks. I am very grumpy sick person. LOL. So I can relate about feeling crappy. Try to have a nice weekend.

Danette says:

I’m so behind… I hope you’re feeling better soon! (actually I hope you’re already feeling better by now!)

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