Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{May 5, 2009}   New Picture and Update!!!

Meet the newest member of our family!!!!! This is baby Bella – born on March 1st and adopted on Sunday, May 3rd.

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So I bet you thought you would see cute pictures of the kids huh? Nope, sorry!!! But she is cute isn’t she?

Well, here is the remainder of the update – I am almost done with school – this is my last class before graduation and for some reason, it seems to be the longest one and the one in which I cannot get anything done!

Angel Eyes is doing better with his eating habits – he still won’t eat anything that is not baby food, yogurt, or pudding but at least he is now eating more of the baby food in the sense that the “dinner” part of it must be spaghetti or lasagna. If it is Chicken and vegetables or vegetable beef – forget it! you might as well try carrying mount Everest on your back – you’d have better luck at that than at getting him to eat.

We were supposed to go see the new gastro today because the other one was a quack but he started to run a fever so we nixed that and are awaiting the reschedule. I have so many appointments for this week that I do not heven know what I am going to do with myself.!! Aghghgh!!!!

As far as the other kids are – well, we will just say that they are surviving and lucky to be alive because if I were another mother……well, let’s just say we are a happy and disfunctional family and leave it at that mkay?

I cut my hair and dyed it and did pretty highlights 2 weeks ago – I didn’t get a pic when it was all perty and stuff so just know that I looked like a bombshell with auburn hair and copper highlights mkay? yeah – when I graduate and I get it done again, I am sure that there will be pictures. In the mean time imagine Kate Walsh just a bit darker and copper highlights and you got my hair.

Well, how are you all doing? I am so dying to know what us going on!!!! Please do tell – what? You mean you’re not going to tell me? I have to actually go and read your blogs? Ugh! Whatever!! Fine!!!

I’ll “see” yous all in the blogosphere!!!


goodmum says:

I’m waaaaaay behind on my reading, too.

We’re a totally (dys)functional family, too. Just ask us. Don’t ask the pros, though.

John’s good. Sprite’s good. Dogs are breathing. Yeah, we’re okay!

Cute puppy. What’s one more in the fray right? So what’s wrong with dysfunction anyway? 😛

Ohhhh, look at that pooch!!! I want to smooosh her little doggie lips! So sweet!

Your new puppy is sooooo cute! I am jealous. I am glad to hear that Angel Eyes is doing better. Hopefully he will keep improving, good luck with it!

And good luck with the end of school! yee-ha!

Casey says:

Haha, ANOTHER dog? He’s so damn cute though…

Welcome back. Busy here as usual, nothing major to report.

What? Cause your life isn’t crazy enough?

Congrats on the new addition!!!

pixiemama says:

Ditto Captain…
+ love.

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