Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{April 24, 2009}   Spin Cycle Fridays: Manners

I am a woman of my word and I promised the Keeper that I would participate in this week’s cycle as I have been out of it for quite some time so here goes…..

There are so many things that can fall under the category of bad manners and I would like to list a few of them for you:

* Picking your nose while driving – if you’re gonna do this, at least get some dark tints so I don’t have to see you doing it!

* Talking with your mouth full – I like sea food but I don’t like to see you chewing your food. You’re not a cow so close your darn mouth!

* Putting the toilet seat down after you use the john – yeah guys I am talking about you!!! Oh and train your sons that they have to life the seat when they go to pee so mommy and sisters don’t wet their rears when trying to go to the bathroom. Thanks!

* Throwing out the garbage when you see that it is full. For heaven’s sake, it is not going to throw itself out.

* This one goes for medical professionals: ACTUALLY ANSWER THE QUESTIONS THAT PARENTS HAVE WITH MORE THAN JUST 2 WORDS (Mrs.Bear you know where I am coming from on this one – again, THANKS!!!)

And of course the usual things that everyone agrees on: say please and thank you; say bless you when someone sneezes; open a door for others and pull out a seat so a lady can sit.

Well, I have minded my manners and kept my promise to Jen so what is your view on manners? Visit the Spin Cycle to see what others think too! And when you get there – remember to mind your manners and wipe your feet. We don’t want Sprite getting any dirt in her mouth now do we?


Amen! I have fallen in this week, so I can add my seconds to your seat lift request. Ouch! Great Spin and I’m glad you remembered! I’ve missed you! You’re linked!

goodmum says:

Ach! The dreaded toilet seat. I’ve got Little Man trained to put it down “like a gentleman” now. If only I could get Hubs to do the same. Also, it’d be nice if he’d stop dribbling on the seat. Sigh…

Casey says:

I have one of the boys in my house trained to keep the seat down but the other is just learning to use the seat so I think I’m about to be in a similar predicament.

Gah! Women and the damn toilet seat. Why can’t YOU look down before sitting?

Sorry about the nose picking thing. I didn’t think you were looking. 🙂

Our ENT is infamous for answering questions with a single word, visits with him are usually in and out. He also likes to act like the answers to those same questions should be common sense, like I’m an idiot for even asking. I hate that.

Also, not sure if you knew but my blogs on wordpress now, I switched over from

Hope you had a good weekend.

I have perfected a great stare that I don’t hesitate to bust out if I see someone driving and picking their nose. It usually casues them a great deal of embarassment… Hehe…

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