Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{April 17, 2009}   And the freaks come out at the village

First off, I need to apologize to the all too awesome Jen at Sprite\’s Keeper for not participating in the tradition of  Spin Cycle Fridays – I will return next week I promise but this post just had to be written today. Forgive me? But yeah Jen, it’s a picture so you will have to come back after work to see it.

You know when you are in the lobby of doctors offices, lawyers offices, and as in our case Condominium Management offices, there is always a convenient garbage pail to throw the tissues or paper cups from the water dispenser away in. Well, as one of the girls in my office was walking through the access door, something shiny caught her eye in the canister and she bent over to look and found this:

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic

The camera focus is a bit off but I am sure most of you can figure out what this is.

Yeap! It was found in the garbage canister of the lobby of a condominium management office where about 85% of the residents are senior citizens and guess what? the garbage is emptied out every morning before we start work so this happened throughout the course of the morning.

Can I say the freaks have come out at the village or what?

I\’m gonna go now and get back to work but I will be cautious about who walks through the doors of my office from now on. You can never be too careful now huh? I guess that is what this person was thinking of too.

Writer’s note: The canister was removed from the lobby because the owner of the company is coming in today. But I used my feet to scoot the canister – I ain’t touching that thing!

Stupid notification: Do you see the correlation between Condominium on Condom? Yeah, I’m that stupid today. LOL

Happy Friday!


Drat! I’m linking you anyway! And no prob, babe.

LOL. I love how you said you said you weren’t touching it. Great post! Sounds like it was an interesting morning there.

Um….wow. Guess I won’t be dumpster diving anywhere near that area!!

Casey says:

I’d watch where you sit and possibly cover your office furniture with platic every night when you leave.

It’s a little ew, but even the folks at the village need a little love once in a while. Gurg. Preferably no where near your work space. 😦

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