Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{April 7, 2009}   Happy Birthday Baby Boy!

Yes, you are two years old today.

I cannot belive it that time has passed and you have grown so big.

You walk around and smile that smile that makes me laugh so hard.

You dance and dance whenever anything with rhythm strikes your ears.

You have come so far with your little steps, something we thought would come much farther down the line.

Now I wait for more sounds from your lips and more laughs from your cudly little frame.

But today is not about me and my wants and hopes for you, it is your birthday – I love you!


Happy birthday!!! (Angel Eyes? is that him?)

mrsbear says:

Happy Birthday to him! Or as my two year old says Happy Cake To You!

Happy Birthday!

Do the birthday’s ever stop at your house?

Happy birthday!!!!!

Happy day, big boy!!! What a sweetie!

pixiemama says:

Oh, what is wrong with my reader? This post just came through two days late!

Belated best wishes to Mr. 2 year old. One of the many perks of having lots of kids? Lots of birthday cakes and ice cream! Hope it was FUN!


A truly wonderful post! Happy Birthday kiddo.

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