Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 25, 2009}   Where did he learn that from?

Yeah, Sneaky Monkey is at it again. I mean nothing bad – some of it is cute, but nothing really bad like the fuzzies or poop.

This past weekend I took him to the pool on Sunday, just me and him. You know some mommy and son quality time. This time I didn’t have any reference to my size in a bathing suit from my husband, prolly because there was this creepy old couple in the pool looking like they were doing something they shouldn’t have been, KWIM? Oh wait, TMI? Deal with it!


Sneaky Monkey didn’t want to get in at first but I sat down on the side of the pool and as he approached me we did the whole, toes first , then feet, etc. By the time he was fully in, he was loving it!  The whole entire time he was in the water he was screaming “Look me! I Swimming!” He was beaming from ear to ear! I was so proud of him. I so totally thought this would be a meltdown moment but he only freaked for the first 2 minutes, after that he was okay.

The problem was the aftermath – yeap.

We got home and since the other kids were still relaxed and sleeping so I put him in the shower with me. As we were finishing washing our hair and making sure we would sparkle when we came out, he turned to me and pointed to my rear caboose and said “Gloria!”

Now you might wonder where the title of this post fits in right?

Let’s just say that when we were at the grocery store, Little Man in his loudest voice ever possible said to me, mom, you’re fat like Gloria from Alex & Marty” (he means Madagascar)

Yeap! I wonder where Sneaky Monkey got that from huh? I swear!

Needless to say my husband laughed when he heard Sneaky Monkey say that in the shower because of course, those showers echo and I have not lived that one down.

So yes, my children are comparing me, well, I think my rear, to that of a computer animated hippo. I know I have a large rear end but not THAT big!  Gees, people tell me constantly that they do not believe I have 6 kids – maybe I should turn around and then they’ll believe me?


Sweetie, my cheeks are flushing for you!

OH NO HE DIDN’T!!!! Well, you DID just have a baby, so you deserve a little break! We had our own public Marty/Alex/Gloria embarrassing moment. We were at a Chinese restaurant, and Logan had his little figurines with him. This Chinese waitress came over (who didn’t speak much English) and asked what his animals’ names were. He said, “this is Gworia” (he didn’t pronounce his Ls yet). She said, “Oh! Gworia!” and he said, “NOOOOO, GWORIA.” And she was like…..”well….who’s this?” “Awex.” “Oh, Awex!” “NOooooo, AWEX!” and on and on it went. So embarrassing.

I enjoyed your post. We’ve all been there in one way or another. I always say that I never want to be “that parent” when I hear kids make comments like that in the store. But LOL, I’ve been there too. Very entertaining. Sorry I haven’t commented the last few days. Was offline.

Lori says:

Oh dear. We never know what’s going to come out of their mouths next!

Ha! I would have got that without the clip. God I love those penguins.

Kat says:

I couldn’t help it! I totally giggle snorted!

You have to options, 1) ground him until he’s 35 or 2)feed him till he i Massive and say “Gloria”, what my parentin methods a bit much or somethin? lol, your bum looks fine from here! It looks like this right (the whips for laughing hubbys BTW)

Danette says:

Oh no… The worst part is that your hubby heard him, lol. I know mine would never let me live it down :/. You just never know what kids are gonna say!

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