Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 20, 2009}   Spin Cycle Fridays: Creative Writing

It is not so simple to be a kid

The light is blinding to the eyes, no matter what shade of color is illuminating from the bulb. They try light pink, blue, green, nothing. He hides his eyes and begins to rock back and forth screaming and shouting “OW! OW!”

The noise is just too much for him. He cannot tolerate the pounding and booming of the sound. They lower it and lower it but to no avail. He continues to spin and cover his ears and sing to himself to soothe out the noise.

The water is just too hard for him. He can’t stand the way that the shower head pours the water onto his skin. It feels like sandpaper and rocks thrashing his arms and legs. He shouts inaudible words and tears well up in his eyes. They try and use the bath tub spout but he will not sit or allow the soap bar to grace his body. He tries to slide away in the small space and find solace in her arms.

She looks out of the corner of her eyes trying to find someone to talk to. She moves her feet but she remains in place. She urges to speak the words to draw friends near but does not know what to say. When they approach she smiles and hugs them and talks to no end. They walk away with strange faces and she does not understand. She cries and waits for her big protector to come and rescue her and tell her it is okay.

He is a child but no longer wants to be a child. He wants to be a dinosaur and cannot understand why he cannot transform like on TV. He growls and screams and punches and fights. “I don’t want to be a boy! It is too hard! I want to be a dinosaur!” They hug him tight and tell him it will be okay.

This post is in conjunction with The Sprite Keeper‘s Spin Cycle. To see more creative writing, stories about creativity, or anything creative for that matter go visit the Spin Cycle and see what you can come up with!


This hits me so hard. Your version of “normal” is so different from mine, and I lose my patience over the littlest things. I have so much to learn from you, Krystal. You are seriously blessed. Love this Spin. You’re linked!

Kingsmom says:

WOW! Love it.

I so want your sweet babies to have some peace. I wish that for you.

mrsbear says:

Aw, Krystal. I think you understand them so well, how hard it must be to misunderstood. It brings tears to my eyes. Great work.

Lori says:

Wow! I can only imagine how far from simple their lives are. Yet they are so blessed to have parents as they do, that make their world so much better. All the little things that I take for granted you cannot and I need to be appreciate of all these things. I love your honesty about how life is and I appreciate being educated about these things. Thank you.

Keely says:

Wow, very powerful. I think you understand them very well, even when they can’t explain.

Shangrila says:

Your spin brings tears to my eyes. My eldest has (far milder) sesitivities to sound and touch and I know how hard it was when she was younger to make her world safe for her. Your children are so, so , so lucky to have such a loving and understanding mother!

Stephanie says:

Really liked it, very insightful.

Casey says:

Great spin, Krystal. I can’t imagine having every little thing affect me like that. Your kids do a great job overcoming their obstacles though and you’re responsible for helping them do it!

Kat says:

You kids are so lucky to have a strong and determined mom like you.

I can’t imagine never being understood. They’re so lucky to have you.

Jenni says:

sad and lovely.

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