Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 19, 2009}   Just good thoughts

Today I was working on my post for the Spin Cycle when I was side tracked to find out about Angel Eye’s eating habits.

Yesterday at home he did not want to eat his dinner. It was a screaming fit and tears and food were everywhere. I force fed him a few spoonfuls but gave up when he began to gag. I gave him a bottle with some cereal and let  him be. (Yes, he still drinks out of a bottle and drinks milk with cereal)

Well, this morning again he just wanted to drink his milk and nothing else.  When I picked him up from school the home note said that yesterday he did not want to eat his lunch and today he threw the food on the floor. Remember that he only eats stage 3 baby food because of his severe sensory issues.

When I dropped him off at home, my husband attempted to feed him again, the boy was having nothing of it. He did not want to eat and once again it was a screaming fight and nothing was accomplished. Again, my husband gave him a bottle of milk and cereal and sent him on his way. then my husband called me and gave me the key words “Call the doctor”.

I called his pediatrician – their response – “As long as he is drinking he is okay. Our concern is when he stops drinking. Maybe he is coming down with something – does he have any other symptoms?”

My response – “No, he is just wanting to lay down”

Their response: “Of course, that is to be expected as he is losing energy from not eating. But we think it might be mental because of the autism he has off days. Based on his chart he is within the 50% of children his age so he is fine. Just call your neurologist and see what they say and then call us back to let us know how he is doing?”

Me: WTF?!?! “I understand he is within the 50% but if you look at the child and you placed him on TV people would send me money because they would think he needs to be fed. He is THAT skinny.”

Them: “I understand but at this point since he has no other symptoms, it appears to be something mental with his autism and it is suggested that you contact the neurologist to see what he says. If he stops drinking then we have an issue because he could dehydrate quickly and begin to lose function of his organs.  But as long as he is drinking everything should be okay.”

I knew I wasn’t getting anywhere – I had heard this spiel before with countless pediatricians and so I hung up, called my husband and told him what they said. his response “Bull shit – call the neurologist.”

So I called the neurologist. I have not been there since last year because of course, those appointments are follow-ups yearly and I am due to go in this year but of course, I need a physical with the PCP to get the referral and that appointment is not until mid-April – yeah, insurance sucks!

Anywho – I called and I spoke to the nurse who was pretty much appalled by what the Doc’s office told me and asked the usual questions and told me that she was going to have either of my 2 neuros call (yeah, he is that complex that he has 2 of em!)

So now, I sit here and I wait until I get a call from the neuro – probably telling me I need to go in or if it contiues for more days that he needs to go to the hospital which there they will tell me the same thing as the pediatrician and send him on his merry way home. (Can you tell I have been through this before?)

So now, I am just thinking good thoughts because if I let the truth get inside of my head, it will eat me from the inside out.

pixiemama says:

So frustrating.
Go sing this song – it’s my new fave:

spriteskeeper says:

Man, that sucks. I hate the run around when all you’re trying to do is help your child. Um, was this your Spin? 🙂

Lori says:

Things like this make me want to scream and pull my hair out. I’m sorry that your little guy isn’t eating and I surely pray that he isn’t sick and that he starts eating again soon. I just don’t understand the medical people that don’t listen to the parents who know their child better than anyone. After reading this, I promise to never complain again about my little people and their occasional eating issues(which are normal)that get on my nerves…nothing compared to what you and your husband deal with every day. Bless you, Lori

You should take him in to the doctors and ask them to feed him.

mrsbear says:

It just sucks when people at the doctor’s office act so damn unsympathetic, do they not get that you’re worried sick. Not eating is a big deal, it would scare me too. I hope your neurologists give you some answers soon. You guys will be in my thoughts. 😦

If those doctors had to for one minute go through what you do, they’d be singing a different tune. So frustrating and I’m so sorry for you. Good thing you are his mommy though, he’s a lucky boy to have you.

Arrrrrrrrggggggghhhhhh. Ugh. Ugh. Double UGH.

I hope everything is all right now xxx

Casey says:

I’m showing up late so I hope by now he’s back to eating. That’s so frustrating that the doctor’s office blew you off. You’re his mom, you know when something’s up. Good thoughts…

Kat says:

I hope he has ate. I feel like I am late reading this.

Ugh! I am sending such good thoughts your way. It has been so hard to get anyone to take my son’s eating issues seriously, and it scares the crap out of me every time he goes on some kind of hunger strike. Big, big hugs coming your way.

And thanks so much for stopping by my blog to comment earlier today.

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