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{March 17, 2009}   Random Tuesday Thoughts dedicated to Autism

I know not many of my readers have children with special needs but today I am dedicating my Random Tuesday Thoughts post to my children and the hardships they face with their autism. So just bare with me today mkay? Thanks!

* It is hard to see your child cry and not know what is wrong. Last night Sneaky Monkey had a very high fever when I came home. He was just laying down and so I put him in the shower to cool him down. I attended other things while he soaked but I knew he wasn’t okay. When I went to take him out to get dressed, all he was doing was crying. My mother in law was there seeing as my husband was at school and she didn’t even know how to react. He was just crying and crying, no matter what way I addressed the all important questions” Where does it hurt?” I couldn’t understand his response. I didn’t know what he was saying – the only thing I understood as I lay on the bathroom floor with my wetandunclothed 4 year old son crying was “Mommy”. I hate not understanding what he says or what he needs – I can only imagine how much he hates not being understood.

* Angel Eyes is at it again. He is hiding in corners and lining up his trains and flapping and rocking until he is discovered. He is also running the fabric of any blanket, window covering or toybox liner along his mouth turning his beautiful pouty lips to the mouth of the Joker (click here to see what I mean – yeah, that is how rubbed and burnt it is). He is covering his ears at the beginning of every program and walking on his tip toes until it hurts. And please, if you walk by his room, do not touch the trains or the trucks – he will scream louder than anyone can imagine. Oh, and if you are feeding him, make sure you wipe his face clean or else he will rub his mouth on his clothes until it is all clean of any food residue.

* Little Man is having a hard time at school once again. He just can’t seem to make it through the day without a blow-out. He is trying, he really is but the sound of a particular student’s voice irritates him; too many options at music send him over the edge; the stillness of FCAT testing makes him boil inside. He would just rather lock himself in his room with his dinosaurs and never come out.

* Baby Boy is  just getting more and more frustrated. He has the words in his head and he cannot let them out. he will scream and bat at you to tell you what he wants but we cannot guess for him anymore – we have to force him to make the sound, just the utterance of a sound before we can give in. This breaks my heart!

* Princess is worming her way  through her classroom without her teacher. Her teacher was blessed with a new baby girl but the substitute, although nice and cooperative, still cannot understand her way of thinking. She cannot understand how Princess has to be told things in black and white – there is no grey for her. The social skills are still emerging – she has yet to understand personal space and as such pushes people away when in fact she wants to draw them near.

* I write the above to say one thing – each of our children, regardless of disability or not have difficulties. This is why it is important to make them feel good and make them know that they are okay, just the way that they are. If it weren’t for one dear friend by the name of Melissa and a new friend by the name of Kyra, some children might not know just how special they are.

Please join us in getting the word around for The Tie Dye Project. Pass it along to whoever you know that has a child with autism, PDD-NOS or aspergers. You can even pass the word around for people to be sponsors – just because you do not have a child with autism or know children with autism, it does not mean that you cannot be a part of this great event.

Here is the flyer that we are giving out to parents: tie_dye-parents2

Please, pass the word along – this will make a difference to many children who need to know that being different is special; that being different is okay.


That is SO hard when you don’t understand what’s wrong! I know it gets crazy, Krystal. Sending good thoughts and big hugs to you all.

Khadra says:

Thanks for sending me the Tie Dye email Krystal. Sounds great!!

I understand where you are coming from, and it is awful.

Princess and her teacher made me think of Lizzie. Her teacher quit a few weeks ago. They had a few different substitutes and then they finally got a new teacher, but she was in a bad place. Change does not go well with her, and of course there is a new teacher to try to get to know her now. She had stomach aches and meltdowns daily for a while there 😦

I love you. That is all.

goodmum says:

Aw, I’m sorry. It sounds like they’re all struggling right now. I hope things improve soon. Sounds like you all deserve a break. 😉 Have I mentioned lately that I don’t know how you do it?

Jenni says:

I can’t imagine how frustrating it must be for you and the kids to not be able to communicate verbally.

Keely says:

Everytime I read your blog I imagine your heart must break a million times a day, and then I think about how strong you must be to endure it.

Thanks for forwarding the tie dye flyer, I know some people that will definitely be interested. *hugs*

mrsbear says:

It has to be tough watching your children struggle and not knowing how to ease their suffering. You’ve got to be strong for them, but the compassion and love is what makes you a good mom. Sending you some bloggy hugs.

colepack says:

sending you good thought….. not understanding the little ones is so hard.


You rock! You are one of the best mothers I know.

Thank you for your support. You always find the time to send me some words of encouragement. I don’t know how you do it.

Please read: ( your flyer is on it )

Thanks for the email. And thanks for showing me that my days wasn’t as bad as I was complaining it was.

Having kids is hard, having kids like ours is hard. How you manage your lot, of all ages and autism, well it leaves me speechless!

Love you sweetie, and thanks for always having lovely things to say to me xx

Lori says:

It is heart breaking for me to read this. When children hurt it breaks my heart. I can only imagine their frutstration in this world. You inspire me with your strength and how much you fight for your children. You help put my life into perspective and I thank you for that. Thank you for e-mailing me about this project. I really want to help in some way but I don’t have an autistic child. In what ways can I contribute to this project? Please let me know!

Kat says:

The first bulletpoint left me in tears. You are a very special woman Krystal.

Danette says:

Thanks for sharing this. Some of these had me in tears too… it is so hard when our little ones can’t tell us what is wrong, what they want, or why they are upset. Your love for each one of your your kids shines through here, they are so lucky to have you for a mom!

I’ll have to check out the tie-dye project, thanks for letting us know about it!

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