Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 16, 2009}   All in all, I have made it out alive!

As you all can imagine how crazy things have been the past 2 weeks.

Since we moved I have not stopped at the new house and here at work, well, it has been non-stop!

I’m not going to speak ill of people, you know that I do not like to do that sort of thing but…

These people in my corporate office are a bunch of morons! Seriously. They sent out 10-day demand letters to people that did not even deserve to get them. Most of these people are on direct debit and the charges on their accounts are automatically deducted from their accounts.

They had late charges adding up to $200!!!! Hello?!?!? How can they have late charges if they are automatically deducted? Oh yeah, maybe because the techno geek sitting at the computer forgot to withdraw the funds at the right time and so the other techno freak assessed them late fees. I swear!

Of course since they are not physically at the location, they do not have to hear the screaming and whining that the unit owners send our way because we are here at the location and it is always our fault, even though nobody here does the actual input but we do all of the cleanup and by we, I mean ME!!!! Ugh!

Anyways, that is why I have not been on much. I have been reconciling maintenance accounts for about a quarter of the 832 units at this community. All of course with nothing but the bitching and complaining from my corporate office that I am sending up too many changes and waivers to the accounts. Well maybe if they would take their thumbs out of their noses and actually verify before they hit “submit” then maybe it wouldn’t be such a big problem huh?

Anyways, on to better things like blog stalking.

I should be up to date with all of my work by this afternoon and then I am going to be back to normal (am I an overachiever here? I think not right?)

I am also not mentally here because, well, since we moved we have had to be getting up a little earlier than before. And by a little I mean at 5:15 am versus the 6:30 am of before. Yeah – the wake up time gets earlier but for some reason the bed time does not change – well, for the adults that is. So I am overly exhausted and tired. It is a miracle that I find matching shoes in the morning!

Other than that – things are good. I took the kids to the pool yesterday – well, Princess and Little Man only. There are too many kids and only one of me – my husband would not be caught dead in the pool! LOL

It was a fun time with them. They even made me swim to them as if I was a sea monster. This was so much fun to play with them. I made them a promise that if they do good at school and at home for the week, their reward would be to go to the pool on Saturdays. Hey, how else am I going to get a tan? I live in South Florida but by the tone of my skin you would think I lived in the north and what makes it worse – I’m hispanic and you can’t even tell that by my skin tone – now that is sad huh?

Oh yeah, and yesterday I was walking Steve and guess what? I twisted my ankle when the little rat tried to dart away. LOL!! Now I am a hobbling gimp in my house but so worth it to see Princess smile and laugh when I fell on my ass. Yeah, priceless!!

So I’m gonna be snooping around your blogs so look out for me – oh, but don’t expect me to catch up immediately, there is a lot to be read so I’ll just start with the latest and work my way to the oldest okay? Yeah – love ya – buh bye!


It must feel good to get caught up on the mundane. And on a Monday!

clairep says:

Now how could we ever forget you? I’m guilty of not being round much myself. Sounds like you’ve had quite a few weeks of it. I couldn’t work in an office, I might actually kill someone!

Kat says:

You sound like a busy busy bee! Good luck catching up!

Khadra says:

Nothing like being abused at work 😦

Im posting and reading as infrequently as you are right now, but I still heart you!!

Unless I win a lottery I don’t think I ever want to move again.

PS. You and your tribe are always welcome for lunch.

colepack says:

moving sucks, no way around it. Seems like I revert to being a kid when in the pool.

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