Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 11, 2009}   Wordful Wednesdays

Yeah, I know it is supposed to be wordless but you know what? You think I really care? Nope!

Well, I have been away for a while and I am still swimming through a sea of screw ups from my corporate office so I decided to take a quick break before I lose my sanity and post a few updates.

* Little Man’s tooth removal went horrible! I felt so bad for him. They tried to dope him up with Benadryl & laughing gas – nope, didn’t work. Poor baby felt all of the lidocaine being injected into his tiny mouth with that 4 foot needle!!! Kid was in so much pain he even got out of the papoose. And the roots on those things – wow! Needless to say, the tooth fairy gave him a whopping $5 for his troubles.

* We are fully unpacked in the new house and the kids seem to be a lot more comfortable and happy. Me on the other hand, my back is hurting from all that mopping! Who told me it was a smart idea to put laminate in the kids’ room again? Oh yeah, I did! Ugh!

* Princess has just begun to have an affinity for gymnastics since her cooking school closed down. Great! I just hope she doesn’t break her collar-bone like her cousin did.

* The boys desperately need haircuts! I wish I could find my camera to show you how bad they look. Poor baby boy looks like he is wearing a motorcycle helmet, and not the cool kind either.

* My husband thought it was a good idea to teach Princess  how to play Monopoly – but not just any Monopoly, our Star Wars Episode 1 Collectors Edition one. Yeah, can I say freak out every time she touches the cards and figures?

* The dog is doing great – very quiet and calm for a chihuahua – I know, I’m as shocked as you are. Now, if he could only learn to not eat his own poop we would be in business.

* My mother-in-laws facelift is looking a bit better now 2 week later. She still does look like a rubberband is wrapped tightly around the base of her head though. Sneaky Monkey and Angel Eyes still look at her like an alien.

* I am almost done with school. I take my spanish CLEP exam on March 31st and if everything goes well and I pass it and get the full 12 credits, I will be graduating in June along with my husband with my Bachelor’s Degree in Business Management – and all it took me was 4 years! Yeah, 2.5 years my ass UoP!!! – Oh well, I will be back there for my Masters degree. Heck, it is an easy to go to school and the on-line classes are oh so convenient!

Well, gotta get back to the insanity that is my desk but before I go, I heard this song on the radio this morning and it made me think of the Captain

I hope you like it everyone! I hope this insanity blows over soon so I can stalk you all once again.


halfasgoodasyou says:

Oh no, I’m sorry the tooth extraction went so badly. The poor kid!

I’m pretty sure there is no such thing as a calm chihuahua, it must be a fake one!

Congrats on the unpacking. I hate the dentist, poor baby, hope he’s not scarred for life.

My dog is a crap-eater too, the vet actually sells a powder you can feed them, that makes their crap less appetizing. Lovely, isn’t it?

Congrats on the almost Bachelors. I’m still stalled out at my Associates. 😦

Heather says:

Ahhh…bummer the video says its disabled…what was the song??
They have this great stuff at PetSmart called BitterApple….just spray it on your dogs #2 and she should stop eating it. It worked for me with rocks.

spriteskeeper says:

Awesome on speeding through school with a full time job and 6 kids! You rock!

Jenni says:

hee hee, I love that the kid’s stare at the face lift; and sorry to hear about Little Man’s tooth drama.

I absolutely hate moving! I dread doing it and in fact, I dread even thinking about it. LOL. So kudos to you for successfully doing it. I’m glad to see you back online!

colepack says:

I am not past the fact that there is a Star Wars version of Monolopy. sweet.
“clipper cut” their hair. Strike that, maybe not.

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