Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 9, 2009}   Quick Update

Hey everyone – I am still alive – barely but still alive.

Currently I have been able to find my way through this ocean of paperwork here at the office to let you know I have not fallen off the face of the earth even though that would be pretty good right now considering the amounts of hate calls I have been getting about these erroneous letters that were sent out.

Can you imagine that? Me – getting hate messages!

I swear, I need a raise after this week.

((HUGS)) to you all – I should be back by tomorrow.


Hugs right back. Good luck with the raise.

Kat says:

Glad to know you haven’t fell of the face of the earth.

Lori says:

Hugs right back to you. Glad you haven’t fallen from the earth or anything like that! There’s nothing like hate mail to brighten one’s day! 🙂

colepack says:

that sucks. hate calls, bastards…………

Just dropping by.

Good luck with the raise!

And hang in there! The week can only get better. I’m still recovering from the darn time change…

Heather says:

I’ve been gone for a while too….Hang in there…

Khadra says:

I hear you on the stress, although no hate calls here…
Hope things get easier for you, quickly.

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