Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 4, 2009}   Wordless Wednesdays

I know that I have been a bit stingy on the Tiny Dancer pics so in order to feed your cravings here is the latest (sorry it is a bit blurry, I took it on my phone)

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Heather – doesn’t that onesie look familiar?


colepack says:

Man, he alread looks like you!!! What a cutie pie!

GAH!!!! LOOK at that adorable precious tiny dancin’ baby princess!!! What a smile! What eyes! She’s beautiful in every way! AND – she’s one smart cookie!!! 😉

Dang it! I can’t see it at work!!! Must come back later! Noooo!!!!

Jenni says:

oh, my, she is a munchkin!

She is absolutely delicious.

clairep says:

The pic is sooooo cute! Hope you are feeling better, the ick did sound very icky! How’s the new house? 15 years ago we did it all ouselves 250 miles, never again.

You’re right. Things do happen for a reason. I’m just not sure what that reason is right now.

Kat says:

So, very very cute!

I miss my babies!

Oh my GAWD, SO CUTE! I need to have another baby soon. Seriously.

Lori says:

Talk about adorable!!!!

Casey says:

That’s not the same kid, it can’t be. She got so big! Still totally adorable though..

goodmum says:

Oh, she’s scrumptious! I need to take a little nibble out of her. 🙂 Thanks for sharing her with us!

Casdok says:


Oh how adorable! I miss the baby years!

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