Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{March 3, 2009}   Random Tuesday (you should see how many times I tried spelling that!)


Okay well, it is random Tuesday thoughts and I am going to join in the fun this week as well.

You see, I have these little bits of words and phrases and thoughts and ideas just floating in my head that need to get out so here goes…

* Why is it that my daughter’s tooth still has not fallen out? The thing is like dangling by a little thread and so totally grosses me out when she smiles and laughs. I’m so scared it is like going to fall out of her mouth and into my drink or food – ick!

* Why do kids stink when they get home from school?  I mean it is really cold the past few days but yet they still manage to smell like a locker room of football players (don’t ask how I know this, if I tell you, Ill have to kill you and I heart you too much to do that)

* I’m totally freaking out about Little Man’s upcoming dental procedure but I am also anxiously looking forward to see how he reacts tot he laughing gas. Hmmm, you think the doc will give me some too? You know, just to take the edge off?

* Why in the world did my mother-in-law get a face lift? Honestly it was not like she needed one and she was the one that told me that cosmetic surgery should never be done, that a woman can take care of herself and look good with out cosmetic surgery. Oh wait! Her answer to this question was, “It’s not cosmetic surgery, it’s maintenance.” WTF?!?!?!

* You would think that a mail man would know how to give driving directions right? Wrong!!! Let’s just say, my father-in-law is a mail man and leave it at that.

* I am so glad that we have a Dairy Queen by my house. It has filled many a late night cravings of waffle bowl sundaes with hot fudge and peanuts…mmmm

* Okay, that stromboli I ate yesterday was really good – yesterday – this morning, not so much. Why the heck did I spend 24 bucks (includes tax and tip) on it? Oh yeah, I was starving yesterday and my husband gave me free range of the credit card for lunch. Oh well, he’ll eat it later today. He is a human garbage disposal.

* How can I get those pesky little dirty gnomes that leave their tracks all over my newly cleaned floors to leave my floors clean? I swear, every time I mom the hallway, it seems as if a little spill occurs or something and the funny part of it all is that the kids are not allowed to eat or drink in their rooms so I just wonder.

* Baby Boy is the only child of mine that has begun to dance when he hears music. This is a good sign that he truly does have Latin blood! All my other poor children are such gringos – no rhythm whatsoever!

* Tiny Dancer is doing this revolving clockwise turning thin in her bed. It gets frustrating when you are trying to giver her a pacifier at night and when you got to place it in her mouth you actually end up placing it near her tush and wonder why she won’t take it when you hear her giggle because she is secretly saying “Ha ha mommy, my face is over here! fooled ya again!” We need to find a way to put breaks on these kids.

Have a happy random Tuesday! Go visit Keely and see what all the fuss is about!


You could be like my dad and pretend you just want to look at it and then yank it out. Ah, memories…

So, how about an updated picture of Tiny Dancer? Seriously needing a baby fix!

I know what you mean, the tooth-hanging-on-by-a-string phenomenon is totally gross! It’s impossible not to be fixated on it flopping around in there!

Elizabeth says:

I am actually pretty happy that there’s NOT a Dairy Queen near me! I’d be in big trouble. Only one with the dance genes, huh? That’s so funny!

Keely says:

LOL “maintenance”! If that were the case, we’d be able to do it at home.

I mean, we *could* do it at home now. But I don’t think it would be called “maintenance” then.

Casey says:

Wait, do you get to watch LM when he’s on laughing gas? I had twilight anesthesia when I got my wisdom teeth out and I’ve always wondered what I was like… I probably told the dentist to F off on several occasions since I’m classy like that.

Shangrila says:

I hope that darn tooth falls out (and that your son’s procedure goes well and the dentist gives you laughing gas, too!)

A facelift isn’t plastic surgery?! Did they alter her reality when they altered her face? I’m just sayin’…

Becky says:

Ooh, can you post before and after pics of your mother in law? Or does she read your blog? And would she care? LOL. Inquiring minds and all.

I hate the dangling teeth, it grosses me out, especially when they’re flip-flopping on that bloody thread. Gag. I love DQ, Blizzards are awesome. Also, we’ve got no rhythm. I totally lost out on the Cuban rhythm gene. Bummer.

colepack says:

I jsut asked Eli if I could clean it off to see how loose it is and just pulled….

Dairy Queen rocks. And asking a mail man for directions is like going into a gas station and asking for directions these days. Nobody knows and nobody cares. It’s not like it used to be, I agree with you there.

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