Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 26, 2009}   The innocence of children

You know that feeling you get in your chest when something drastic or shocking has just happened in front of your eyes and you are shaken up by it and your heart races, your hands shake and you are on the verge of tears and then the water works start once you are on your own?

You do? Good – then you will know how I felt this morning after I dropped Princess off at school.

Little Man has not been feeling well since last night. His asthma is kicking him really hard in the ass so much that it is causing him to puke when he coughs and now he cannot keep food down either; needless to say, he stayed home this morning. Actually everyone stayed home except for Princess because she had an in-school field trip that involved some safari people and insects – she did not want to miss that (and I did not want to lose $6.50 – hey, it’s the principal of the thing okay?)

Anywho – so I dropped off Princess at school and did the usual, walked her to the gate right before the second bell rang and they closed it. I kissed her goodbye and started for the parking lot. I was just going to call in Little Man’s absence but decided to go into the office and just write his teacher a note so that she can give Princess his work so that he does not miss it.

At that time, one of the moms of one of the kids in the upper level EBD class (Little Man is in the lower level just in case oh, and EBD means Emotional/ Behavioral Disorder) was watching her son as he walked with his class towards his classroom. then she did what all moms do, went to her car and left.

As I walked out of the office I went towards the parking lot where my car was and started calling the teacher for Sneaky Monkey and Angel Eyes to let them know they were going to be absent.

Coming from my left, all I hear is a child screaming “Mommy WAIT! Mommy nooooo” and I look and I see the child running towards me – well towards the street actually – I knew who it was – it was that kid whose mom had just left. He kept running and stopped at the sidewalk jsut next to me. I dropped my phone and started talking to him – he didn’t hear me. 

Mind you, I was the only adult around seeing as the gates had been closed and the teachers were inside. The only person outside was the Spanish teacher and he was helping a disabled child get out of the car so I doubt it that he noticed.

I thought the kid was going to stay put until he started for the street again and there I was, saying to myself WTF?!?! and ran after him. We stopped short of the street by about 2 feet and all I could do was just hug him tight. He was crying and screaming for his mother. My heart was breaking for him and I began to cry too.  All he kept saying was “Please let me go, Mommy stop!!! Mommy come!! Mommy noooo, Please let me go” All I could say to him was “shhh, just breathe, its okay”, as I just hugged him – he didn’t fight me at all he just let me hold him.

At that time, the Spanish teacher was running to me and we both took the boy and started walking towards the school while he continued to cry and beg for his mother. The Assistant Principal met up with us about half way and took him from there.

My heart had sank so deep I didn’t know where it landed. The Spanish Teacher told me that I reacted very quickly, that he saw me sprint and luckily I caught the kid. I told him it was from many times of experience with Little Man running away.  He knows who Little Man is and agreed.

The thing that bothered me the most about this was not the fact that this child was hurting so bad inside that he wanted his mom and attempted to run after her. It is instinct on the part of the child to run to the person who he feels safe with. No, that to me was not the problem at all – I have faced it with my own child first hand.

The problem was – how did he get out? The gates leading to the outside walls of the school (It is a courtyard type school so all the buildings are little pods and there are no hallways, just connecting sidewalks so it is very open – the only thing that is supposed to keep the kids in are the gates that seal off the open areas facing the street) those gates were closed. How did he get out of his class (which is right next to the gate facing the parking lot because it is next to Little Man’s class which is in the same area) and out of the gate and into the parking lot with no adult or aide running after him?!?!? 

As we were walking him to the school again, I saw the aide lackidazically walking out of the gate toward the office.

This child could have been killed had I not been there!! What would have happened if I decided to forgo the whole note to Little Man’s teacher and just called in the absence – I would have left at the same time his mom left.

I didn’t know what to think or feel – I cried all the way to work in my car. I can still see the child running with this scared and sad look on his face screaming for his mom and feel his tears from when I held him tight.

I hope he is okay, I hope his mom is okay when she hears this happened – someone though should be held accountable for not locking the gates or not going after him within enough time. It shouldn’t take another parent and a teacher busy with another special needs student to chase after him and protect him from harm.

Honestly, I don’t know what would have happened had I not been there. I do not even want to imagine it.

Now, when you get home today, or if you are already at home (you lucky bastards) – hug your children tight, regardless of how old they are – they are still your children and they still have that innocence that leads them to want and crave their mother and father. Let them know you love them and that you will protect them at all costs. Cherish that innocence and purity, cherish them and love them, no matter what they do.


How scary. Really, how does something like that happen? I’m sure when that mom left her son inside his class, she did it with complete confidence that he was going to be safe, not running out in to traffic five seconds later. You were there for a reason today, but another day he might not be so lucky. I wonder if they’ll even inform his mom of what happened. That’s unacceptable.

Something similar happened to me last year when I was dropping my son off at PreK, except this time it was the mother at fault. Instead of walking inside and signing her son in like she was supposed to, she pulled up to the door, made him get out, and drove away when he was inside the lobby which is still unsecured. The kid darted back out the front door and into the parking lot screaming for his mom. Me and another mom made sure he got back in to his class and we informed the administration but still WTF? he couldn’t have been more than 3 or 4, what that mom was thinking I’ll never understand.

Khadra says:

oh wow, Im crying now, and Im SO glad you were there to catch him.
I would be furious with the school!!

Wow, that is an amazing story. Thank goodness you reacted do quickly. I, too, am upset with the school.

I am a first time visitor to your blog. I came across a link today and decided to check it out. I’m glad I did. Again, amazing story and I’m glad you were there to react.

Good work, Krystal.

So glad you were there or that school would be on the six’o’clock news. That school needs to rethink it’s safety perameters or the way the gates shut. Unfortunately, the aides seem too unreliable.

shocking, i hope the mother hears the full true and scary story, and that there is not a cover up.

breathe sweetie, it’s over, breathe.

Lori says:

This story brought tears to my eye’s. Thank God you were there. I will hug my little ones extra tight today, just for you!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Wow, that’s terrible. I can’t believe they just let the poor kid run into traffic, I’m so glad you were there to intercept.

Keely says:

Oh that poor little man. How awesome you were there to be his guardian angel.

Danette says:

I am crying for him and for you, so glad you were there!! I would be so upset with the school too… they are responsible for the safety of children while they are at school.

Becky says:

Thank God you were there. What is it, do the gates not lock properly?

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