Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 25, 2009}   Soundtrack of life

Okay, have you ever had one of those moments where it seems as if everything follows a rhythm or the beat to music?

Yeah, it seems like this has been the norm for me. 

The mornings are primarily the craziest for me. Trying to get 6 kids ready to head out the door, feed a dog, get dressed myself, and fuss with my husband about the loads of garbage that need to be thrown out that morning – it’s a miracle if I can even brush my hair!! Thank Mount Olympus for pony tails!!! But as I go through the whirlwind that is my morning, one song sticks in my head – Crazy Frog Song Yeah, I see myself as a bouncing frog going all over my house chasing after these little slippery tadpoles that are known as my children!! And that large toad that is my husband – don’t even get me started on him!!!

Then the races are on to get them into the  car and all that they remind me of are little hamsters scurrying everywhere. One wants to go look at the lake, the other wants to climb in through the trunk – honestly you would think that they were little hamsters!! This song runs through my mind as I finish buckling them into their carseats and kiss my husband good bye is the Crazy Hamster Dance. You should see me bee bop my way into my car, it is a funny sight!!! LOL

As I speed off into the street that leads to the kids’s school – I have a battle with them over what song is playing on the radio. Little Man wants the Spider Man by Michael Bouble while Princess wants the Alex Song from Madagascar 2. Honestly at that moment I could care less what they want to listen to as long as they stop fighting and arguing!!! I mean come on – kids music is kids music – just get over it already!!!

Fianlly they are in the car and I am singing praises that they will be in school for the next few hours and will be someone else’s responsibility. I know, harsh but sometimes, you just want to give them away, at least as long as you get them back at the end of the day. The only thing about this part of the day is that it means that I am on my way to work. Blech!!! To me walking into work is like walking into the Death Star next to Darth Vadar – you know something bad is bound to happen.

By the time the day is over, my mind is rattled and shaking as if I had been hearing Skat music all day! I mean come on, my tiny marbles can only tolerate so much! Sounds and words all just jumble together and I don’t even know which way is up. It is a miracle that I can make it home safely.

Then of course onto the zoo that is my home. I honestly feel like a Monkey in the Jungleand I hear little Bindi Irwin singing to me while the back up dancers run around my house scaring my children.

Bath time is the worst for them, you would think that there was a Carp in the Tub. I think maybe I should have skipped that song when they heard it huh?

But finally as things must come to an end – bed time comes and it makes you realize that all of the insanity of the day is completely worth it when it means that you can snuggle next to your children and just hold them and sing them to sleep. It is this time of the day when I hold them and tell them how much I love you while I sing you a song plays in my head and my heart and I wisk them off to sleep.

goodmum says:

Aw, I love that part of the day,too. And not just because it means I get to put my kid to bed. THere really is something magical about putting your children to bed, isn’t there? Ha. I sound so cheesy. Can you tell I’ve had a few good days? LOL

There are a lot of squeaky songs on your soundtrack. lol. The end of the day makes it all worth it, doesn’t it. Mornings I could definitely live without, they give me migraines. 😉

Great songs, but the Monkey one? I could do without!

I’ve had the song I Like To Move It (is that what it’s called?) from Madagascar in my head for *days*. I wish I could be sentimental and sweet about it, but you’re a better person than me. I just want to hit something, preferably a lemur (is that what it’s called?).;)

Jenni says:

for me it’s the muppet show theme song all. day. long.

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