Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 20, 2009}   I am a chicken with my head cut off

Honestly people today has been a day from hell!!

I woke up super late and was rushing to get things done.

The kids were late to school but at least Little Man was able to hear his favorite song, I’m Late for School Again by Paulie Litt (how ironic huh?)

Then I rushed to work where things are not so hot. You see my receptionist was out again today and won’t be back until Tuesday. I had to do my job and hers for today which was not easy because there were alot of new leases that started and I had to process them – yeah!!

Oh, and on top of that, when I went home for lunch my husband stepped on the dog!!! Yeah, when I was walking the dog, we were coming back inside the house, my husband didn’t see the dog and stepped on him. Yeah, my husband, Mr. 6 foot tall 200 + lbs of him (yeah, he’s a big guy next to little 5 foot tall and 130 lb me) stepped on my not even 3 lb dog!!!! I almost flipped.

I dropped my cell phone and broke it into pieces but luckily i was able to put it back together – now if it works all the time is a different story.

Got into a huge fight with my husband about the stupidity of me dropping my phone and guess what? The day is still not over!!

I can only imagine what this weekend holds for me!

If any of you have faith in something other than the paperweight on your desks, please pray that I do not lose my sanity, it is about to tear away from it’s leash!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


captaindumbass says:

Hold on crazy woman!

Heahter says:

Oh I hate days like that…makes you want to go back to bed and start over hu???
Happy Weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

Casey says:

Youch, that was stressful to read, I’m sure it must be stressful to live!

Well, luckily the day is over! Hope your weekend is less stressful!

I’m keeping my fingers crossed for you, your sanity, AND your cell phone!

That sounds like a stressor of a day. Don’t start throwing those paperweights at anyone! ๐Ÿ˜‰

McMommy says:

Hey there….you won my Pizza Hut giveaway!!! Email me at so I can put you in touch with the Pizza Hut lady!! ๐Ÿ™‚

colepack says:

man, those days suck!!! I bet by now it is better??? Since I am a few days late.

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