Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 19, 2009}   Hit in the face with reality and it hurts!

Okay, well, we all know how bad the economy is going right? We know that people are losing their jobs left and right and that families are finding it hard to make their way through likfe.

Many of you my bloggy friends are in these situations now and all we can do is tell you it will be okay but we don’t know when.

Well, between yesterday and today, reality has slapped me in the face really hard and guess what? It hurts like a bitch!

You see, I get respite services for my kids. To those who do not know what respite is, it is like a nanny of sorts that comes and watches the kids while the parents get to do things that they need to do or just rest and take a nap. We have had our respite worker for almost 3 years now and she has become a staple in our home. She has been there at minimum 2 times per week. She is like family to us.

Well, yesterday I get a call from her supervisor telling me that the grant that pays for the services changed their policies back in October. they misunderstood the policy to say that each diagnosis in the household is qualified to receive 120 hours per year. In our case that would be 4 kids (only the boys qualify as they have autism, PDD-NOS does not qualify and that is what Princess has – don’t ask) x 120 hours – that would make it 480 hours a year. This was great!!! Well, not so much. The call I got yesterday was to tell me that the understanding  of the changes was incorrect. Actually it was to be 120 hours per year  PER HOUSEHOLD!!!

Yeah and to make it worse is that they should have started that since October – guess how many hours I have used since October?……143!!! Yeap, you know what that means? I do not qualify for respite services until October of this year!

Now, I am not complaining about me – I am more hurt about this because of my worker. You see, she only gets paid around $12.00/hour for taking care of special needs kids – yeah, you would think she would get paid more!! And now that they are reducing the hours that services are provided to families, she does not get to work that much. Her income is affected greatly!!! And you know the worst part of it all, when I called her to talk to her yesterday because sometimes she comes over and we pay her directly on days we need extra help – she told me that she was sorry!!! What? She was sorry because she knew we needed the help and that the kids were not going to see their “MeMe” (Yes, I changed her name too) anymore. She was not even thinking about herself and the loss of income, she was thinking about me. Of course I told her I was sorry because this would reduce the pay she got and she said, Yeah, I just might have to get another job if I don’t get other families assigned to me. This broke my heart. I literally crushed under the weight of this news.

Today I got another blow by reality. As we were loading the kids in the car, one of the maintenance guys in my community came up to my husband and this is how the conversation went:

Maintenance Guy: “Excuse me sir, you own your own business right?”

Hubby: “No, I am a stay at home dad.”

Maintenance Guy: “Oh, I’m sorry. I thought you owned your own business and my wife lost her job and is looking for work. She can’t find anything and I thought maybe you could hire her for your business, I’m sorry.”

Hubby: “No, I’m sorry, has she checked the malls for some retail jobs? I know that ****** Mall is hiring (It is one of the largest outlet malls in the country I think ). Alot of the stores there had signs up.”

Maintenance Man: “No, she has not checked there. I will tell her to go by there because I cannot do it on my own. If she does not get a job soon, I don’t know where our family will end up. My pay here is not enough to take care of us. But thank you anyways.”

And with that, he walked away to get on with his work.

This situation is getting more dire and more difficult every day. Nobody can guarantee their paychecks anymore. Nobody knows what tomorrow will hold.

What does this mean? Some here at the community where I work are saying that they fear riots and looting. Guess, what – it already has begun – here where I work, they just don’t know it yet. Yes, people have been robbed and cars broken into for the smallest of items. And this is a prestigious community don’t get me wrong. Not at all in the wrong side of town. But things are getting tough, they are getting crazy.

I don’t know how much more we can take.

All I know is that reality throws a mean punch and can knock you down, even if you are aware of what is going on.

To all my bloggy friends, I am praying every night that we all remain where we are now and that instead of declining, things begin to improve – they just have to.


Khadra says:

the economy is so scary right now. My husband’s organization is laying off 40 people (I imagine tomorrow since that is pay day) And then more people from the area that he works in. He is a wreck over this. He has no idea if his job is secure. We have one income and we live paycheck to paycheck. We will be so very screwed if he loses his job.

I’m adding my voice to your prayers, Krystal. Surely, there has to be a solution!

Lori says:

I pray that you guys are able to figure things out and that this woman that has been a part of your home can continue to do so. It sounds like she is a great person. I cannot beleive that they have made this mistake at yours and the respite workers expense. Yes, our economy is bad but we all have to keep our heads up and encourage one another the best we can.

Heather says:

What a wonderful woman “MeMe” is to worry about you instead of herself!!!
And the economy…YUCK!!! Sorry to say….but, I think it will get worse before it gets better…:(

Oh. My. Gosh. I knew things were bad, but when you read things like this it just breaks your heart.

Casey says:

You’re right about how tough things have gotten. Practically every friend or family member of mine has been affected by this crappy economy. I hope things pick up soon for everyone involved. It’s depressing.

captaindumbass says:

Speaking of hitting in the face, I just got hit in the face by my son’s considerably dense skull. I mean that with nothing but love, but the kids got a brick head.

Keely says:

Oh, ouch. Poor you and poor MeMe. I hope things pick up.

Becky says:

Wow, that is a blow! What will the loss of your respite worker mean for you? Will you be able to handle everything, or do you think you’ll try to pay someone to come in sometimes?

colepack says:

It sucks everywhere and pisses me off. we had out weedeater stolen from our garage and it just pisses me off that we have gotten to this point.
I am so sorry your lost your respite. that bites the big one and MeMe must stay a part of your fmaily, as she is now. Not sure how but I can tell how much she loves you all.

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