Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 18, 2009}   Did I really?

Yeah, I got onto facebook.

I know, I’m shocked too.

I guess my social life is so incomplete that I need reassurance through another social network. Also MySpace was getting kinda weird you know? Yeah.

It is funny though because I see everyone has their lastnames posted and I am like scared to post my last name.

It is weird though – I guess I am still wary of the security of it all but then I am willing to share my last name if someone requests my address to send a package. I know you stalkers here won’t hurt me (You won’t right?) But there is something so private about your last name.

I dunno, maybe I am just being stupid and a worry wort. Am I?

In this day and age where privacy doesn’t seem to exist, I guess maybe holding on to that tiny bit of information is the only thing that I can do to retain some private information.

This is also why I don’t post that many pictures of my kids – I want to retain their innocence and privacy.

But I am glad that I joined facebook – this is not supposed to be a downer post.

I am glad to continue to communicate with all of you awesome people who don’t really care about all of my lunacy and heart me just because I am me and I am a bit looney!! LOL


You friended me!!!
I be so happy!

I’m glad you joined too. I was leary of putting my last name on there because it’s not very common. I suppose any freaky person could find me if they wanted to….but my bloggy friends will protect me, right??

Welcome aboard!

Joining Facebook was probably one of the dumbest things I’ve ever done, and I’ve done many. I rarely check in and when I do it’s out of guilt. I LOVE Twitter, but Facebook can suck it.


Casey says:

I’m on there too but I keep my bloggy friends and facebook friends separate since they don’t know about the blog. Hehe. Try and find me!

rainbowmummy, Egg, no face pics, yeah sweetie, you’ll not find me calling you crazy.

I am not saying that that is a good thing….

Khadra says:

I heart you BECAUSE you are looney 🙂

colepack says:

I am a FB addict. I see you on there often 🙂

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