Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 17, 2009}   Random Tuesday Thoughts: Just gotta be me!


Yeah, my mind is gone – it went all blech on me and I feel like I am floating on cloud nine but not in a lovey dovey romantic kinda way. Sort of like mid way through being on the receiving end of a conversation with my boss I shake my head and ask, wait, you were talking to me? kind of way. (Yeah, I actually did that today, luckily my boss just laughed)

What is it that guys think that Playboy is just for them? Yeah, really. This all started when my husband realized that one of the presets on my radio is the Playboy channel. Hey, they are funny, interesting, and well…hot! Yeah, I can have lady crushes too and I never hear him complain when I comment on a lady while we watch Cinemax.

Anyways, since I started listening our sex life has drastically improved so he should be praising Playboy radio for making me realize that heck, I can too be just as feisty than they are! (Yeah, we were stuck in that 7 year rut)

Yeah, you can tell that I am being more open huh? I dunno, I guess I just thought that maybe its time to just release and be me and not hold anything back. I guess maybe I learned this from the totally cool Petra. She is so cool with herself and I thought, heck, she’s a mom and a wife and she’s not afraid to show it – what the feck is wrong with me? I can be open just like the rest of them – and here you have it!! (Yeah, this goes along with my resolution to be true to myself. How am I doing so far?)

Honestly, this crap about staying here until 7pm sucks. There is no real reason for it. Instead just keep the business hours regular on Wednesdays. Heck, just because the office closes at noon doesn’t mean that we really stop working. It’s just that the little old people don’t know that we do.

My daughter is so totally grossing me out with her loose tooth. It is that top one, you know the big one of the two. Yeah, that one. And then she gets all uppity that it is going to fall off  but hen she starts crying that she doesn’t want it to fall off. Huh? Does this make sense?

Okay, the dog still has not wanted to drink water but today he finally switched back to the hard food. He stopped wanting to eat that Prescription food from the vet and so I decided to see if adding a bit of the dry stuff to his food, and guess what – he ate all that up!!!  I swear, my dog is as neurologically unwired as my kids!

Why is it that after sex mymind draws a blank and I am left all weird? I know it is a great stress reliever but seriously, this freaks me out! I foret all the things that I have to do sometimes.

I understand that the economy is in the tank and that there are people struggling every where, seriously I do. But if you are in the process of foreclosure, why do you go out and buy a damn new car when you can’t pay the condominium you own. This does not make sense to me.

Well, this as random as my mind is going to get for today. I have too much work to do and I doubt it that I will get to any of it seeing as I have to catch up on my blogs.

Join in the random fun – go visit Keely, show her your randomness, and see the randmoness that is the rest of us crazy folk!


Keely says:

Dogs are ALL neurologically unwired. Unfortunately there’s no “try before you buy” feature…

mrsbear says:

oh yeah, I definitely have unfocused mommy brain kind of days. Luckily the kids don’t notice when I’m spacey, I just smile and nod and pretend I hear them. It’s harder to fake it around the husband though.

The loose teeth weird me out too. Luckily my girls have been pretty brave about them, but my five year old is a tad squeamish so I can just imagine the drama once he loses his first tooth. I might have to call rescue.

Thoroughly enjoyed your randomness… 😉 My Princess Nagger has a loose bottom tooth (she just turned 6) and thinks it’s cool that her 6-year molars are starting to grow in…well, except for the part where her mouth hurts…she wanted to know if that happened to me when I was 6… 🙂

Happy Random Tuesday! 🙂

Casey says:

Hahhahaha, you? Stuck in a sex rut? I highly doubt that, look around at all of the outcomes of your sexcapades… I think you’re doing just fine.

Good work on the randomness and the openness!

captaindumbass says:

Whenever my brother or sister or I had a loose tooth my dad would say, “let me look at it.” Then he’d pull it out. Bastard.

At least it’s a rut and not a trench big enough to lay pipe in.

Dizzy says:

I think I’ll steal that one…be true to myself. I didn’t even know about playboy radio. How do you know it’s really them? It could be me…pretending to be hot. Oh wait, that’s what my blog is for. lol!

So sex is a way to turn the mind off? I’ve been going about things all wrong… 🙂

Khadra says:

Lizzie has a loose tooth too and it is grossing me out as well.

My brain has been unfocused lately too and I’ve been forgetting everything. I keep searching for an excuse …..?

colepack says:

I am so unfocused I am not sure what to say. ummmmmm,a women crush….. interesting…

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