Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 13, 2009}   Spin Cycle: Love

Love, a four letter word that can express so much that is felt inside.

An emotion that is meant to show the most beautiful feeling towards other and most precious gift that anybody can give and be lucky enough to receive.

There are many kinds of love, the love of a man and a woman, the love of a parent and child, the love of a friend or companion.

Love makes you feel butterflies in your stomach when you know you are about to see that one person.

Love makes you cry when you see the ones you care for in pain or hurt.

Love makes you smile when your children give you a drawing of squiggly little lines and tell you “That’s you mommy!”

Love is when you sacrifice everything and more so that your family does not go without.

Love is when you put your foot down and risk being called “the most boring mom in the world” because it is not safe to let your son jump from the top of his bunk bed.

Love is when you buy that little outfit your husband saw in the window and wear it to bed even though that darn string is creeping its way where it is not supposed to!!!

Love is when you can just tell that your friend needs a hug and can sit there without saying anything to each other because you know what each other is thinking during the good and the bad times.

Love is knowing when to stop arguing and just take one for the team because you know that just making that certain someone happy is all you really want out of life.

Love is that feeling of overwhelming pleasure and delight when you see your child open his eyes for the first time.

Love is when your heart crumbles but rebuilds itself when you hear unexpected news about the future of your children.

Love is withstanding the blows and the bites and the screams and the tears from your child who cannot tell you what he wants and you have to try and decipher what is going on in his mind when he does not even know it himself.

Love is giving of yourself to others, even though they do not give back.

Love is finding that peaceful moment to yourself and allow yourself to cry and breathe and scream and shout.

Love is so many things to me and to you and to everyone.

Love can build mountains and tread through streams of rough water.

But love is also fragile and delicate and can be easily taken advantage of.

So, remember to show your love to those around you, not just on Valentine’s Day, but every day.

And remember, I love you too!!!



captaindumbass says:

Your family is all kinds of lucky to have you, Krystal. Happy Valentine’s.

Happy V-day!! Hope you all have a great day with lots of LURVE to go around!

Love is reading a post and getting all kinds of weepy! You’re linked! Mwah!

Lori says:

Beautifully said! Happy V-Day to you too and of course you know we all love you here!

Happy VD!*snort*
I’m sorry, I couldn’t help it.

Heather says:

Love is….aaahhh man….great post!!!

Casey says:

Awww, I love you too. 🙂 You’re right, love is putting up with all the good and the bad. Happy V Day!

Girl…you are one of the biggest lovers out there. If most people had half the heart you do the world would be a better place. xoxo

Khadra says:

Very nice 🙂
Im showing the love for you at my blog today. You have an award.

colepack says:

very late I am, I know.

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