Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 9, 2009}   Yeah, I am certifiable!

Okay, well, you all know that I am crazy enough to have 6 kids and especially that they 5 of the 6 have special needs. You never thought I could become any more nuts did you?

Well, guess what – I went off the deep end!!!

I went out and bought a dog. Not just any dog – a chihuahua!!!!

Well, actually Princess picked him out.

You see, with her little quirks, she was getting a bit on the sad side (I don’t like the word depressed for  kids, sounds too harsh) and so the counselor and doc thought that a dog would be good for her. That they are recommended many times for the elderly when they feel sad and alone.(Okay, I can understand the sad part but the alone? Heck, she is far from alone!! LOL )

All kidding aside, we thought the doctor might be right – you know, something of her own that can reciprocate affection and love besides the love and affection she gets from the family. So, we went down to Miami to see if we could get her a puppy.

She had looked at the computer and said she liked the cocker spaniels so we went to a pet shop that had cocker spaniels. Well, when we put her in the play area with one of them, the girl about flipped out!!!  I mean she stood straight as if she were a statue and crying but didn’t let out a sound for fear that the dog would get her or something.

When we took the cocker out of the play pen, she said she wanted the little one. We thought she meant the bull dog, nope. So then we pointed at the dachshund, nope. She pointed at the chihuahua.

My husband’s jaw dropped. He HATES chihuahuas!!!!

Well, being the type of parents that would do anything for our kids, we attempted to see how she would react to the dog. We thought she was going to flip out but we were wrong!

She fell in love with the darned little rat. LOL

She was carrying it and hugging it. The smile on her face was priceless!!!

My husband was fighting the idea of getting a Chihuahua but I kept reiterating the smile on his daughter’s face and how the whole purpose of this was for her to be happy.

Of course she chimed in at the perfect time saying, “But daddy, you said I could have ANY dog that I wanted. I want THIS one.”

He was stuck!

Needless to say, we have a new member of the family named Steve.

Yeah, Steve is his name and now you can call in the white coats, I’m done!


Krystal, getting a dog and naming him Steve?
I’d say that IS certifiable, but I have a dog named Harry, so I really can’t point to the kettle, can I?

mrsbear says:

Steve the chihuahua, that’s too funny. My sister has one and truly he is one of the most annoying animals on the planet. And now he’s diabetic to boot, like the neurotic trembling and yapping weren’t bad enough. Your daughter sounds like she’s in love though, can’t get between a girl and her dog.

Keely says:

Steve the chihuahua….hahhahhahah! omg, dude…you’re gonna need a spa day or a xanax or SOMETHING.

OH! The kid has you struggling in the crushing grip of reason! Steve isn’t related to that Taco Bell dog, is he? Funny stuff!

And I must say, GREAT look for the blog! Love it!

(Sorry I have been away so long, my friend!) 🙂

Lori says:

Love the name of your new dog! I really do believe that animals are healing and just might be what your daughter needs. Hope all goes well as he adjusts to life at your house! 🙂

A warm welcome to Steve!! I think it was a good move to go small, even though you’ll all have to keep an eye out for little Steve so he doesn’t get stepped on!

We got Princess’s note in the mail yesterday!!! So sweet. We all admired her handwriting! The picture of Claire is TOOOOOOOOO CUTE! Thank you, Princess!

Heather says:

My daughter really wants one of those “rats” too. But Medusa our St. Bernard would eat it for a snack!!!

Khadra says:

yep, you are nuts.

colepack says:

wow, now funny. Soooooooooo glad it is you and not me!
your nuts.

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