Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{February 2, 2009}   Happy Birthday Angel Eyes

Today is your special day my little angel!

Just five years ago you blessed this world with that smile and those gorgeous eyes.

You have shared so much love and given so much happiness to my l ife that I cannot imagine a day without it.

Although you live in your own little world, you shine through when you laugh that hearty laugh.

You are slowly learning to speak and let us know you are breaking through.

You are coloring trucks and trains like a true artisan.

You are growing and growing more each day and learning more and more, I know your opportunities are endless.

Thank you so much for being such a wonderful child and teaching me so much about motherhood and about love.

I wouldn’t trade this experience for the world!


In honor of your special day, here is a video I know you will love:


Khadra says:

Happy Birthday!!!

Aw! Happy birthday!

Enjoy your day, little dude!!

captaindumbass says:

You really group the birthdays, don’t you.

goodmum says:

Happy birthday, Angel Eyes! 🙂 You’re the same age as my boy.

Jenni says:

happy bithday, angel eyes!

colepack says:

We are Thomas FREAKS!!!!! Even my girl loves Thomas!! We have seen him “in person” twice now.
Happy Birthday!!!!

Danette says:

Happy Birthday Angel Eyes!! Thomas is well-loved at our house too 🙂

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