Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 30, 2009}   Spin Cycle: Songs

When I think of music, I think of things that make you feel good and want to get up and dance and even sometimes…..well, you know….. with your significant other. Yeah! Music is just that powerful!

But sometimes there are songs that just get to you and drive you nuts such as the following…

Well, these really aren’t that annoying, they just get to you after hearing them multiple times.

There is one song though that would cause me to pull my hairs out of my head, chew glass, spit nails, anything to not hear it again!!! Yet, somehow I always hear it and don’t stop the insanity. And the most annoying song is:

This is just my opinion, you can go ahead and form your own.

Now, to see what other songs ring in the heads of many, please hop on the Spin Cycle and give it a whirl!!! (Cheesy huh Jen?)

(Psst… Captain, did you get to hear you favorite song?)


Ugh, I wish work wouldn’t block this! It’s not time theft, honest! Krystal, I’ll be back to play it later, but you’re linked now!

Heather says:

Haaa..yeah, that first one was really annoying!!! But, call me crazy I sorta like the song from Madagascar!!!

pixiemama says:

I hate you (not really – or just a teeny tiny bit) for the mere suggestion of the Wonder Pets song (bam! bam! bam! ahem. sorry. banging my head on my desk for a minute there to dislodge the theme-song insanity). I DO really like the Madagascar song, so thanks for that (I do not, however, like to listen to my kids wandering around the house singing about how THEY like to move it move it for 3 days after watching the movie).

goodmum says:

Ach! The Wonder Pets. I want to shove all of them in my dryer and watch them spin. See if they can rescue themselves. I think not!

Heinous says:

The Wonder Pets song is the worst for me. It never goes away.

Khadra says:

I am SO not clicking on any of them!!

We are the Carebears do do do do dooo
that one is always in my head now.

captaindumbass says:

I kinda like the Wonder Pets, but mostly because when I sing it my kids go nuts.

I’m going to ignore that OTHER song. (evil evil woman!)

Casey says:

You do this to mess with me, don’t you? I can’t watch them, I WON’T watch them because every time you post a song, it gets stuck in my head for days.

Keely says:

You forgot Elmo’s World.

Da da da DA! Da da da DA! Elmo’s World! Kill Me Now!

Spongebob has legendary status at our home. We’re watching it now. No kids are even home. How sad are we?

bex says:

great spin! i totally agree about that last song whose name i shall not repeat for fear of it getting stuck in my head!

Shangrila says:

LOL-gotta say that I think Wonder Pets are adorable, and that you’re a little evil for that last one. Ack-now it’s gonna be in my head all day, thankyouverymuch! 😀

Jenni says:

i hate everything about the wonder pets, especially that song and that stupid duck with the lisp. f that noise.

Danette says:

LOL, Bearhug loves the “I like to move it” song too :).

I saw your note about the SAHD interview, I’ll send it to you on email.

Casdok says:

Great annoying choices!

colepack says:

Wonder Pets should be banned, seriously. 😉

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