Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 29, 2009}   Happy Birthday to my Little Man

Today is the day that 6 years ago, that you, my first son, were born.

You were nothing short of a miracle from Heaven.

Your little face looked like that of a true Little Man.

Your cry was the sweetest sound I heard.

Your little fingers and toes were the cutest I had ever seen (next to all of your siblings of course).

As you grew, you became my little shadow.

Your daddy loves to call you “Mama’s Boy” – because in fact, you are and I am proud of it.

You took major steps forward and grew to be as big and strong as you are today.

You have overcome many obstacles  in your young life that many do not face in a lifetime.

You are not only my Little Man, you are my HERO.

You will continue to excel and strive for better.

But no matter how old you get, how big you get, how strong you get, you will ALWAYS be my Little Man.

Happy 6th Birthday Little Man!!!

In your honor, here is the video for the song that you heard this morning on the way to school and loved so much…

(Psst…here’s a little secret – if all goes well, we are going to Disney World this weekend!!!! Shh, don’t tell your sister)

Happy birthday, Little Man! I hope you get everything you want1

Casey says:

Happy birthday LM! Disney? No way!

Happy B-day!!! I hope all goes well so you guys can GO!!!!!

captaindumbass says:

Happy B’day, Little Man!

colepack says:

Awwwwwwwwww, Happy Birthday LittleMan
Um, LittleMan is a nickname I use for my boys also…..

Danette says:

Awww, how sweet :). I hope ya’ll have a great trip. Happy birthday Little Man!!

Heinous says:

Happy Birthday, Little Man!

Khadra says:

aww! Happy birthday!!

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