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{January 27, 2009}   A wedding that was not planned

Okay, I am not saying that I did not plan to get married because trust me, I did. When I turned 18 that was all that I wanted to do because I knew I was going to marry my-then-boyfriend-who-is-now-my-husband.

We did all the arrangements because we wanted to get married by a notary public and then plan a wedding to renew our vows on our 10th anniversary. We got the license, made the appointment with the notary, told my job that I was going to take that day off, bought a nice new dress, and even coordinated with my friend and her boyfriend who were set to be witnesses to go out to lunch afterwards to celebrate.

Everything was great and I was all smiles. I had just completed my GED exam and was so happy to be moving onto that new chapter in my life. So the night before we were supposed to get married, I called my friend to confirm the time that we were going to meet. No answer.

I called her 15 minutes later, I figured she was in the shower. No answer.

I called her boyfriend. No answer.

I figured they were doing something else so I waited another hour. No answer.

I started to panic.

I mean REALLY panic.

You guys have not seen me panic. I break out into a sweat when I panic. I have a hard time breathing when I panic. I was in full-out panic mode!

“This is a sign, this is a sign” I told my now-husband “This means that someone does not want us to get married” (Please don’t forget that I am Cuban and therefore have been raised around all that white magic-santeria crap and the very common beliefs that others can put “mal de ojos” on you and create negative energy and so forth – yeah, I’m pretty screwed from my childhood, I know)

My now-husband (who is not Cuban but Puerto Rican – same difference) laughed at me and said I was crazy that we were still going to get married that we might just have to reschedule the day.

Do you think that was the right thing to tell a panicking woman? I don’t think so!

I went off him on how there are signs and that this meant that someone didn’t want us together. That his ex-girlfriend (who was a nut job all her own – trust me on that one) was doing some santeria crap and I just let him have it.

Finally he said that he had an idea. He told me to put my shoes on and get in the car that we were going to his friend’s house.

We get to his friend’s house. They were having a big family get together because his grandparents were going to renew their vows that weekend so the whole family was there! Yeah, my husband asks his friend if he can take a few hours out of his day tomorrow to be a witness at our ceremony with the notary. Wanna know his answer?…

Friend: “Hey! My dad is a notary!! We could get you married here! Do you have the license?”

Me: “Yeah, it’s in the glove compartment”

My Now-Husband rolls his eyes and laughs

Friend: “Great!!! Dad…..”

We are quickly ushered into the living room where everyone is playing domino’s and a video camera was quickly picked up, the dad stood in front of us and said, and i quote (minus the name change for my now-husband of course):

Friend’s Dad: “Now-Husband do you?”

My Now-Husband: “I do”

Friend’s Dad” “Krystal, do you?”

Me: “I do”

Friend’s Dad: “Great! You’re married! Now kiss and I’ll sign the forms”

Yeap…that was my wedding. Romantic huh?

Oh, and you haven’t even heard the best part about it – wanna know what I looked like?

I was wearing broken gym shorts, hadn’t shaved my legs in a few days, a house t-shirt (you know the ones that come complimentary from a restaurant – yeah, one of those) and flip flops with my hair in a not well done pony tail (I know, I can’t believe I left the house looking like that either!) What was my husband wearing? A pair of purple swim shorts (don’t ask, his mom bought them for him and he typically just slept in them), a house shirt, and flip flops.

Yeah, and guess what time all of this happened at?

10:30pm at night!!!!

Just MAGICAL!!!!

Well, Friday was our 8 year wedding anniversary and what I can say is that in 2 years we will have a real wedding because he owes me one!

Oh yeah, and if you are wondering what happened to my friend and her boyfriend that were supposed to be witnesses. They forgot about it and went out to Disney World. Needless to say, we don’t talk anymore.

Either way, I got a kick ass story to tell the grand kids right?


Ryan says:

This is an amazing story. Tell me there was a picture taken or something?

You have to love this story! So sweet!

Lori says:

What a great love story! So often there is so much hype over the “wedding” that people forget it’s about a marriage. Congratulations on 8 years together! I think your right, you so deserve a wedding in 2 years after all that you have been through.

Mama Dawg says:

That’s an awesome story. Much better than mine that happened in the courthouse downtown.

Khadra says:

OH MY!! that is hilarious!!
My ex husband and I had a wedding, and um, he is my ex. My husband now and I had a very small thing in a chapel with 4 people with us (oh and our 6 month old daughter and another on the way), and we are happy together. The wedding isnt important, it’s the people and the feelings that matter.

We had KFC afterward and went to Branson for two days. Your story is much more entertaining.

Aw, happy anniversary. The girl is hot, but I liked the brown.

Keely says:

Happy anniversary! I think that’s a lovely story. It’s totally something we would do.

goodmum says:

That’s awesome! At least you know you were both doing it for the right reasons…no pretense, no hoopla, no fuss. I think that’s very romantic. 🙂

Jim @ IPR says:

I can’t believe they blew you off. I wouldn’t talk to them either. You sound like the most comfortable bride ever.

Casey says:

Hey, that is the best kind of wedding since you avoided all of the stress that goes into planning and invitations and yada yada. Those friends sucked arse.

That’s a great story! Did you get any pictures? And yes, I think you definitely should renew your vows at some point … how fun! 🙂

Best wedding evah! No I mean it, I hate weddings and all there waste of money fakness, thi only proves how much you guys are in love, aww x

Ummm, yeah. I wouldn’t be friends anymore either.

And girl….you better get your wedding!!!!!

pixiemama says:

If I had my ‘druthers, I would go for a honeymoon and skip the wedding.

Think about it. A hotel. Sleep. No kids. ahhhhh.

colepack says:

COngrats. great story to tell when you have been married 50+ years!!!

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