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{January 24, 2009}   Update on Baby Alex

I previously posted a quick update on Alex and I just got this from his aunt Lori – such a cute video (click on the link below) (I really need to get me a video camera. I could get so many vids of the kids …aghagh)

Alex’s Friend

This is the message she sent in the e-mail:

he is doing GREAT!!  1 more round of chemo and that is it we think….the will not remove the tumor i found out….so i am just hoping that it just “goes away” w/the last round!!!

 lots of love to you!!!!
Let us pray that this is the last round of chemo and that he makes it through this. They cannot remove the tumor because of the location – it is entwined with a major artery and a lot of nerves.
Thanks to everyone who has followed Alex’s story with me!!!

Lori says:

I will be keeping Alex and his family in my prayers. I am praying for a miracle. Bless you for sharing this story.

That’s good news.

halfasgoodasyou says:

Thanks for the great news, Alex pops in my mind from time to time.

Thanks for sharing the story with us xxx

goodmum says:

Thanks so much for such a positive update!

Very cute kid. And my heart and prayers go out to Alex and family. Thinking good thoughts!

Great news! That’s awesome and I’ll keep him in my prayers.

Jim @ IPR says:

That’s fantastic news. I’ll keep Alex in my thoughts.

auntie lori says:

you have a bunch of great friends here krystal!!! thank each and every one of you!!!!! alex should have his last round of chemo next week….if his counts are good

much love and many hugs!!
alex’s auntie lori

i love u krystal!!! =)

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