Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 23, 2009}   The things we do for our children

This morning as I was getting everyone ready for school, I realized all of the things that as a parent I do for my kids and how to a person who does not have children, this would seem like pure insanity – take a look:

* I make 4 different types of dinner because everyone is picky
* When it is cold outside like it has been, I wash their sweaters, sweat pants, and long sleeve shirts every night because living in Florida, we don’t buy too much of those, of course raising my electrical bill more than usual
* I brush hair with the “magic brush” so that it will not pull the hair and when some hair is pulled, I fib and say it was the brush loving on the hair
* I lay down in tiny beds when a child is coughing just to make sure they fall asleep okay
* I make pancakes for dinner when Little Man does not want to eat what he previously requested and will only eat pancakes
* I will make up the weirdest sentences to help my daughter with her homework so they sound like they came from a first grader
* I will wrestle children to take “fuzzies” out of their noses and risk being assaulted in the process by flying fists and feet
* I will allow myself to become a trampoline by my 4 year old because he just loves to jump on me
* I don’t cringe when a child has just wiped his nose on my sleeve or shirt – heck, it will wash off
* I wash bottoms under warm water with my bare hands because they do not like the feel of baby wipes or wash towels
* I sing and dance at the top of my lungs to the craziest songs just to ensure that they will have a good start to their day
* I will allow them to play Mario Cart instead of watch my favorite TV shows
* I will wake up super early to make sure that they have everything they need for school even though I went to bed at midnight or later the night before

These and so much more are the chores of my life as a mom, maybe some of these apply to you. There is no thanks involved or immediate gratification. Heck, I’m lucky if I get a smirk out of them most of the time. The important thing is that I do this with my heart. Although there are those times that I want to scream at them…

“Go find your real mother!” or “Go home already!”

But alas, I am their real mother and they are home (usually) and I wouldn’t have it any other way. (Also, payback is a dish best served cold – wait until they are taking care of me! Hah!! Now won’t that be fun?!?!)

P.S. Below is a song I heard this morning while taking the kids to school. It is by the Barenaked Ladies and it is titled “Crazy ABC’s”. It is from their new album of kid’s music Snack Time. (I hope this is the song, it looks like it but my speakers at work don’t work – good luck!)


Lori says:

Yep, we do some crazy things all in the name of parenthood and love. Some of the things we do can just seem plain crazy to everybody else but us. I do many of the things you mentioned and I know I have a whole list of things myself. Just this week alone, I had at least 5 people tell me they don’t know how I do it every day and keep my sanity…who say’s I have sanity?

Khadra says:

the song is funny!!
I know what you mean about the things we do that either we when we were child-free, or others who are child-free, would think are nuts!

crap. while I was typing this Max dumped a bowl of ravioli on his head. Is it bedtime yet?

Jim @ IPR says:

You’re the best mommy ever. I’m thinking you’re the tiredest mommy ever by the end of the day too.

OK, so this guy at my office just had his SEVENTH baby today. Which makes his SIXTH boy. You guys might be tied for hectic households!!

Mama Job Description:

#1 Must be a glutton for punishment.

Awesome list. Krystal, I’ve said it before, I’ll say it again,
You are Super-Mom.

carrie says:

It is amazing the silly things we do. SOme of them are to weird to verbalize…….. it is casue we love them!
BNL is the best. I love that album.

halfasgoodasyou says:

We love that CD, we dance and sing to it all the time. It’s nuts the things we do for our kids but it’s all worth it.

Tell me when you are old and they are looking after you will you will you get your ass cleaned under the running tap too, lucky kids.

You have six kids, man, you are amazing! I’d lose at least three of them :0)

Jenni says:

you are a good mommy. they are so worth it, aren’t they?

Keely says:

I want to scream those things a lot and I only have ONE kid. You’re amazing.

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