Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 22, 2009}   Test Results Are In

I have seen a few bloggers doing this and so I thought I would join the bandwagon and see what it wold say.

Why you ask? Because, all my life I have been called a nerd and not been upset by it – heck, nerds are the ones that make the money in the end right?

I have always excelled in Literature, History, Languages (yeap, like IG knows, I have studied French, Latin, Ancient Greek, and German – I had a choice not to take these courses and I did!!!) I even spent one whole summer in England studying – hello!!!! Studying, not partying or  having fun? I actually went to school in the summer – now if that is not nerdy, I don’t know what is. Heck, even my husband calls me his Trophy Nerd (get it, instead of Trophy Wife? ugh! you suck!)

Well, I took the Nerd Test and this is the result: says I'm a Non-Nerd.  Click here to take the Nerd Test, get geeky images and jokes, and talk to others on the nerd forum!

WTF? A Non-Nerd? This has just crushed my whole sense of self!!! Now I need to find out what I am!!!

Am I a fashionista? (Nope – and if you saw what I was wearing now, you would call What Not toWear or How Do I Look? to get me a makeover PRONTO!!!) Am I a socialite? (Nope, I have no money and no posh friends, well, except for all of you bloggy world peoples) Am I a freak? (nope, I did freak in middle-school, didn’t look good on me)

Aghghgh!!! This is so not right and so not fair – there needs to be a do-over of some sort or another test to figure me out!!! Aghghgh!!!

Okay, you all can laugh at my stupidity now, it’s okay, I know I’m nuts!! 6 kids and a husband will do that to you!


Khadra says:

Im nuts too. Dont worry, you have company.

pixiemama says:

I think that if you want to call yourself a nerd, and you feel happy being identified as a nerd, no scientific data could prove otherwise. Nerd away my friend.

Casey says:

It’s ok that you’re not a nerd. I was a “Cool Technology Geek”. Whatever that means. My husband was something weird like borderline weird super nerd. I can’t remember exactly but when I was doing the test, the questions all spoke to him so I had him do it too.

clairep says:

I know who you are, you’re you! A pretty good thing to be I’d say.

Jim @ IPR says:

You’re an excellent you. That’s good enough for me.

colepack says:

just odd……….. an awesomesauce odd person…..

I should get around to doing that. Although, I’d probably just get a message to wait for the results and in the meantime they’d be calling the cops.

I’ll still think of you as a need if you’d like. I beg my husband all the time to turn me in to the What Not To Wear people all the time. I’d rock that credit card. Hard.

Don’t worry sweetie, your hubby still thinks you’re a nerd, stupid test! Probably made up by popular people who don’t understand what a nerd actually is :0)

I will happily call you a nerd if it makes you feel better.
That’s just the kind of girl I am.
PS Nerd.

I think you just had an off day. You should go back and re-take it. I bet you would do better the second time around.


Anyway, I JUST got that stuff out to you yesterday! Sorry it’s so late, it seems like I have been running around like crazy lately! But look for FedEx to Krystal P. (I didn’t have your last name!)

Tina says:

I bet you have a hidden nerd inside you! I never knew I was a Queen Nerd. But now I like to think I might get a coronation! 🙂

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