Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 21, 2009}   Spin Cycle: Poetry

A desperate need 
by: Krystal

Your hand gently
caressed the small
of my back.

You pulled me in
closer and I felt your
heart beat,
then mine.

We were in rhythm
with one another.

Our hearts racing
faster as our lips
came closer to

Your hands started
to cover me and
wrap me in
your heat.

I felt your need
was just as fierce
as mine.

You took a breath
as did I.
Faster and faster
we sought for
air because the
passion was
too much.

The fire was
burning hotter
and brighter in
your eyes.

With every touch
and kiss I
let you  know
just how much
I needed you.
How much
I wanted you.

You knew it
and yet you
teased me.
Made me want
more and more.

I let you know
I wanted more.
I became as
fierce as you.

Biting your lip,
pushing you
closer to me.
Squeezing your
body to mine as
if to bring you
into me whole.

Then without a
moment to spare,
before the room
around us engulfed
in the flames that
filled our bodies,

I stopped.

I stared into your eyes.

I could see you
were wanting more.
Your breath was still
heavy, urging me to
return to you.

I look at you and say…

“If you want more,
then do the dishes
and put the kids to
bed. I’m taking a

So Jen, how’s that for a Spin huh?

Khadra says:

hee hee! Loved it!

Krystal, I’m speechless!
Here I was, just racing through the heat of the poem, and then screeching to a halt!
You’re linked and I’m impressed!

Casey says:

Hahahahahhaha. Do the dishes. Classic. You’d better steer clear of “that” action, lest you have #7 on the way…

Jim @ IPR says:

See? This is why I do the housework first.

Keely says:

*snort* Girl, you’re hilarious!

Good one!! I love a happy ending! heh

Tina says:


Bwah ha haaa! Hmm, better get those dishes done…

You made me tingle (as in horny) and tinkle (as in wet myself laughing!!!!) !

Mama Dawg says:


Here I was thinking we had some racy spin and then you bring it to a screeching halt. Beautiful. Well done.

colepack says:


Whew! For a minute there I thought you were gonna make another baby!!!!!


Lori says:

I love it! You really do capture the whole truth of it! Great job!

Shangrila says:

I second rainbowmummy’s comment-flippin’ hilarious!

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