Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 12, 2009}   No catchy title – sorry!

Well, today has been a day from heck!!!

The receptionist at my new job did not come in and you cannot believe the amount of craziness that went on here!! Without going into details all I can say is that I am tired, I am stressed, I am backed-up, and I am so glad I did not wear heels today!!

Wanna know how bad it was? I locked myself in the waiting room and left my keys in my office. Thank Mount Olympus that there is a little window in the waiting room that I was able to yell out to my boss to open the door for me.

I have been cursed at, insulted, over-worked, overly-questioned, confused, beaten up, and so much more all by these little old people who cannot understand the responsibilities of their condominium association and to add on top of it – those who have nothing better to do than to blame other people for everything that is wrong in their lives!!

I am not ignoring you all today, I just have not had the time to sit in my computer until now – 15 minutes before I need to go home.

I had such cute stories to share with you all about this weekend but right now, I just can’t – too much to do and not enough time and not that I don’t love you all because I do, I really really do but you know what?

I’m fuckin’ tired! (Yeah, I cursed, I tried not to but you can imagine how it has been and will forgive me because that is just how cool you are. I know my potty sailor mouth won’t offend you all. Thank Mount Olympus that I am scheduled to come in late tomorrow!!!)


What a day! Fuck sake ;0) Glad you got out the cupboard!!

Mama Dawg says:

I like how you thank Mount Olympus. I may have to steal that.

Oy! And an Oy! for you too!
Get some sleep, babe! You’ll fill us in tomorrow.

goodmum says:

Fuck. There. I said it for you, too. That’s what I call taking one for the team. I didn’t want to say it, but I did it. FOr you. Now thank me. 😉

Sorry your day was so shitty. If it’s any consolation, mine licked hairy donkey balls too….. Misery loves company, right?


colepack says:

Fucking-A we really need to go out for a drink!

Jim @ IPR says:

Gasp! Little sis swearing? Atta girl…it’s good to get it out there. Hopefully tomorrow will bring a day of sunshine and cheer. If not, there’s always more swearing 😉

Few things are more stressful than starting a new job! Sounds like they really threw you to the wolves. Hope it gets better for you soon!

halfasgoodasyou says:

Wow, if you’re searing than it must be bad. Swearing is a part of my being but for you, it’s huge! I hope today is a better day…

Khadra says:

Sorry your day sucked 😦

Danette says:

What a rough day, I hope today was better!

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