Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 8, 2009}   Happy Birthday to Me!!!

Yeap, it’s my birthday!!!

Nothing really special is going on today except for the fact that the 2 coolest people  ever to walk this earth were born today – me and of course, the King!!! Yeap, Elvis Presley.

In a family that loves Mr. Presley, my birthdays were overshadowed by his legend. Yes it is true.

His music was played, his movies were watched, his stories were told. Yeap, the King still ruled in my house.

As I grew up, I began to voice my objections about the fact that I wanted my own birthday without the presence of the King. Heck, I was 6 years old and I wanted a Snow White birthday party but instead my cousin (well, actually my mom’s cousin but who’s keeping track really?) who took an annual pilgrimage to Graceland insisted he be remembered in at least a small way – I wanted nothing to do with him but heck, at 6 years old, what could I really do about it?

Well, how about tearing up the darned spool of one of the movies (Can’t remember the name of it – I plead temporary insanity) while screaming I hate Elvis!!! Needless to say, I spent a good deal of my birthday morning in my room for that show of  outrage – I got my Snow white party after all so they couldn’t keep me in there ALL day.

Now, twenty years later, I am finding myself enjoying the work of the King, especially when his music is added to soundtracks in  movies such as the Lilo & Stitch & The Game Plan (is there a Disney theme going on here?) and so tonight, while my husband is at school, I will cuddle up with my kids and watch The Rock play an Elvis loving dad and remember what childhood is all about, the fun memories and driving our parents crazy!!!


Jim @ IPR says:

Happy Birthday little sis! You may share your birthday with the King, but you make sure you get treated like a queen today 🙂

Wishing you nothing but fun and happiness!


Happy Birthday Elvis, oh yeah and you too Krystal. Joking! Happy birthday to you sweetie, hey if you have 6 kids does that mean 6 times more gifts? only seems fair!

pixiemama says:

Happy day – to you, of course. The King has Graceland – why should he get to hog your birthday?

Yay for you! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Hey, Happy Birthday! So you’re what, 19? (grin)

For a second there I was thinking another King:

Take a trip to NYC for your birthday!

Keely says:

Happy birthday to you both! But mostly to you. Hope you do something special-ish.

goodmum says:

From the third-coolest person to ever live, happy birthday!!

Lori says:

Happy birthday! Hope you enjoyed your family cuddle and movie tonight!

Happy birthday!!!!
That sounds like a lovely way to spend your birthday, have some popcorn for me!

Happy birthday! I’m going to send you a jumpsuit in honor of the occasion. With GLITTER!

captaindumbass says:

Hold on… was that The Rock? Happy B’day, girlfriend, sorry I was late. And thanks for reminding me that I’ve missed my brother’s b’day as well.

Khadra says:

Happy Belated Birthday!!
(mine is on Monday)

Casey says:

Happy birthday, I know I’m late, sorry! You’re way cooler than that sideburn wearing freak. Actually, he’s cool too but I like you better.

Danette says:

Happy (belated) birthday!! I hope you had a great day all to yourself with no intrusion by the “King.” Mine is coming up too :).

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