Mommy’s Escape 6.0

{January 7, 2009}   Why does this happen?

Okay, it seems like every time one kids takes a leap forward, another takes a leap back.

Little Man has been doing so awesome in school that they raised his classroom level from a 1 (the lowest) to a 2!!! He is so proud of himself. (Maybe it has something to do with the fact that daddy has bribed him with a dinosaur at the end of the week if he continues to do good). He even sat down last night and didn’t argue with me about his homework!

Taking a step back this time is Princess. You see, she is still  having troubles at school with friends. I have dropped her off the past 2 days and she has been nothing but depressed. All the kids she says hello to her don’t respond back or want to be near her. She sits near the cafeteria doors by  herself and watches me walk away to my car. My heart breaks every time I see this. I have made attempts to get together with the mom of the little girl she met at the park but we keep missing the opportunities. Today she looked so sad that my husband picked her up early to take her to the park yet he couldn’t take her because the police were there and he wanted to avoid issues with truency and all since she is supposed to be in school.

When I went home for lunch (yeah, that is the cool thing about this job – I get to go home for lunch!! this makes up for having to stay here until 7pm on Tuesdays) she and I ate some cake together and she told me she didn’t want to go back to school. This is her 3rd school and she has not wanted to be in any one of them because of the same reason – she cannot make and keep friends. My heart breaks for her knowing she cannot play hookie tomorrow and has to go to school. I wish I could stay there with her all day but alas, I cannot. 

It sucks to be a kid you know?


captaindumbass says:

Poor baby. Those other kids SUCK!

My heart is totally breaking for Princess… give her a kiss from me. Let me know if l need to come and beat some a**. Kids can be so mean.

Oh, Princess, I wish I could help. Krystal, I hope you and the other mom can get the two girls together soon. Princess had such a wonderful time before!

Keely says:

Aw, poor thing 😦 I wish I could send her a friend…

Jim @ IPR says:

Aww…I’m sorry to hear about Princess. I wish I could make it all better for her.

Ryan says:

Man that is a bummer. Maybe have a big throw down at your house and see if she feels comfortable making buddies with you all around? We worry about The Littlest Buddy because he isn’t speaking kids lose interest in him fast, or think he is ignoring them and get mad at him. It’s tough out there. Good luck.

*sniff* I’ve got time, wish I wasn’t so far away…sorry to hear about Princess. I’m still working on those ‘why’ reasons. That’s a stumper…

Mama Dawg says:

That does suck. I wish there was something I could do for you. Would she like to have a pen pal in MS? My daughter could write her some letters. I know your daughter is young, but still, she might be able to write a few things for mine to read and respond to.

Krystal, I wish I had some awesome advice for you. I had some real troubles with “mean girls” when I was a kid, too. The sad thing was that my school was so small, there weren’t a lot of options. I know I was miserable during so much of my grade school experience. It sucked. My mother got in league with some of the other mothers and would go to talk to the teachers together about this one girl in particular. At least that put the teachers on notice that something was going on. Would it help to talk to the school?

It’s a shame those other kids are growing up to be ignorant little sh….

Lori says:

I am so sorry to hear this. Kids can be so cruel. This must break your mother heart to watch this. I hope that sometime soon you and this other mom are able to get these girls together to play. I really hate stuff like this.

Khadra says:

Congrats to Little Man!

And, I understand the friends issue Princess is having. Lizzie has a lot of trouble with the friends thing. Social skills obviously dont come easily to her. She tries so hard. She has made one good friend this year and hopefully that will last because I know as she gets older this will get worse 😦

colepack says:

I remeber school at that age and it sucked. I wish I could make it better.

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